Aditya Arora


Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) in computer engineering, artificial intelligence option

Aditya Arora
Why did you decide to pursue an undergraduate degree in computer engineering?

My interest in computer programming was sparked in high school when I finally got a chance to take a programming course. Since then I have always been programming in my spare time, starting out with C++ and then graduating to other languages slowly. The problem solving aspect of programming was what truly attracted me to it, and it was only a matter of time before I chose to pursue computer engineering.

While I love the pure computer science aspect of computer engineering, I also really enjoy tinkering with hardware and electronics. At home I was always the one that was using my dad’s tools to pry open broken electronics to see what was inside, and so much so that my parents got me my own toolkit that I could use for the same. Computer engineering at Waterloo provides me a nice balance between the software side of my interests as well the part of me that wants to tinker with the coupled hardware.

Why did you decide to study at the University of Waterloo?

The main attraction to study at the University of Waterloo was definitely the co-op program that would allow me to get more experience by the time I graduated compared to other universities that had less rigorous summer internship programs.

What was the best surprise about the University of Waterloo or life in Waterloo?

In the past few years since I have been here I have found that life in Waterloo is so much more relaxed than if I were living in a bigger city. Having the choice to be able to go on long walks along the lake or zipping through the streets on my electric skateboard in the summer is a refreshing contrast from the busy 'day to day.'

Another thing I really dived head-first into during first year was getting involved with student design teams. Having the chance to work on real life projects and being able to learn so much from being part of a team with so many other students - some of whom have multiple co-op experiences under their belts and can offer very valuable advice - was a game changing surprise to my first-year self.

What advice do you have for new undergraduate students?

For new undergraduate students my advice would be to get involved as much as possible in things outside of the class, because that is where you are going to meet people from different programs doing different things and you’ll be able to meet more new people and broaden your horizons. Although current circumstances make that a bit difficult, I would definitely recommend getting involved with student design teams or joining one of the many clubs on campus.