ECE 6617 PD


  1. Discuss in detail the basic concepts of risk assessment and outage models of system components.
  2. Discuss in details the concept of asset management and its main components.
  3. Discuss application examples about the risk evaluation of transmission lines, generators and substations


No. Of Weeks Topic Sub-Topics
1 Risk in Power System
  • Basic concepts of power system risk assessment: System risk evaluation, Data in risk evaluation, Unit interruption cost
1 Outage Models of System Components
  • Models of Independent and Dependent Outages
1 Parameter Estimation in Outage Models
  • Point Estimation of Mean and Variance of Failure Data
  • Interval Estimation of Mean and Variance of Failure Data
  • Experimental Distribution of Failure Data and its Test
  • Estimating Parameters in Aging Failure Modes
1 Elements of Risk Evaluation Methods
  • Methods for Simple Systems
  • Methods for Complex Systems
1 Risk Evaluation Techniques for Power Systems
  • Techniques Used in Generation Demand System
  • Techniques Used in Radial Distribution Systems
  • Techniques Used in Substation Configurations
  • Techniques Used in Composite Generation and Transmission Systems
1 Application of Risk Evaluation to Transmission Development Planning
  • Concept of Probabilistic Planning
  • Risk Evaluation Process
  • Examples
1 Application of Risk Evaluation to Transmission Operation Planning
  • Concept of Risk Evaluation in Operation Planning
  • Risk Evaluation Method
  • Examples
1 Application of Risk Evaluation to Generation Source Planning
  • Procedure for Reliability Planning
  • Stimulation of Generation and Risk Costs
  • Examples
1 Selection of Substation Configurations
  • Load Curtailment Model
  • Risk Evaluation Approach
  • Examples
1 Reliability Center Maintenance
  • Basic Tasks in RCM
  • Examples
1 Probabilistic Spare Equipment Analysis
  • Spare Equipment Analysis Based on Reliability Criteria
  • Spare Equipment Analysis Using the Probabilistic Cost Method
  • Examples
1 Reliability-Based Transmission-Service Pricing
  • Basic Concepts, Calculation Methods, Rate Design, Applications

Recommended text

Wenyuan Li, Risk Assessment of Power Systems: Models, Methods and Applications, IEEE Press, ISBN 0-471-63168-X, 2005

Other references

  1. Journal papers and technical reports (available on-line).
  2. Course notes available at course website.


Basic knowledge of power systems analysis is required.