ECE 688 – Winter 2018

ECE 688 - Nonlinear Systems

Instructor: Professor David Wang


Phone: 519-888-4567 x33968

Office: E3 4108

Lecture time & location:

8:30am – 11:20am Tuesdays in EIT 3141

Course description

In this course, we cover classical and modern approaches to the analysis of finite- dimensional, deterministic, nonlinear systems modeled by ordinary differential equations. Tentative topics include: equilibrium points, linearization, phase flows, second order systems, existence and uniqueness of solutions to nonlinear differential equations, Lyapunov stability, the invariance principle, input-to-state stability, input-output stability, feedback linearization, introduction to nonlinear control

Course prerequisites

ECE 682 and undergraduate knowledge of calculus and linear algebra.

Required text

There is no required text for this course. Instructor will write notes on the black board. The optional textbook is Nonlinear Systems, 3rd edition, H.K. Khalil.

Additional references

  • Dynamical Systems and Control: A Lyapunov-Based Approach, W.M. Haddad, V. Chellaboina
  • Systems Analysis, 2nd edition, M. Vidyasagar
  • Control Systems II, A. Isidori
  • Systems: Analysis, stability and control, S. Sastry
  • L2-Gain and Passivity Techniques in Nonlinear Control, A. van der Schaft
  • Differential Equations, V.I. Arnold.


50% Final exam

30% Assignments. Done in groups. Includes peer assessment marks 20% Group course project: presentation, simulation and report.

Tentative topics list

  1. to nonlinear systems;
  2. preliminaries;
  3. stability;
  4. stability;
  5. Linearization;
  6. Control Techniques