Internal Waterloo awards

Graduate students have many opportunities to receive funding through Waterloo awards.


External awards

Graduate student should apply for external awards including those from Canada’s three major research granting agencies and Ontario's major scholarships programs.


International student funding

At University of Waterloo we have a variety of great funding opportunities available to our international students.

Financial need funding

We offer many funding opportunities to graduate students who demonstrate financial need.


Term Activity Report (FOE) Awards

Each term the Department gives out Faculty of Engineers Awards (FOEs), to students who have shown strong merit in the previous term (grades, publications, conferences, etc.). The ECE Graduate Studies Committee meets once a term to determine who will receive the awards. The minimum eligibility requirements for this award are as follows;

  • max. 3 awards within 7 terms of a MASc program.
  • max. 6 awards within 13 terms of a PhD program
  • cannot have incomplete (INC) or did not write (DNW) grade
  • cannot have Probationary status
  • must be a full-time active student within your program time limits at time of receiving award
  • must have at least 80% Overall Average
  • must have submitted an Activity Report for previous term with a satisfactory evaluation
  • must be correctly completed with the relevant information in the appropriate section
  • must be a registered student in the term in which the award will be paid out

Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee you an award but rather gets you on a list of eligible recipients from which the awardees will be selected.

Part-time students are not eligible for any awards, scholarships or OSAP and must be self-funded.

Additional information

For more awards and funding opportunities, visit the current students section of the graduate studies and postdoctoral affairs site.

Questions about graduate awards can be direct to the ECE Graduate Funding Coordinator