Master of Engineering (MEng) courses

Courses available to Master of Engineering students are usually selected from the full set of graduate courses offered in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Please see the full list of ECE graduate courses for more course details, however please note that not all courses are offered every year. You can also review the schedule of classes to see what courses are planned to be offered in the coming terms. 

MEng students should note the following regarding their choice of courses

  1. The degree of Master of Engineering is awarded based on the successful completion of 8 graduate level courses. A student may take a maximum of 10 courses (0.5 credits each) as part of the MEng program.
    • This 10 course maximum includes failed courses, as well as courses that are taken as audit or extra to degree. Once degree requirements have been met, students are required to degree complete. 

  2. MEng students are required to maintain an overall average of at least 70% and obtain a final grade of at least 65% in each course. Any grade below 65% is considered a failed course and must be made up in another term. Students in ECE are not permitted to retake failed courses. Failure to meet these requirements may result in your withdrawal from the program.
  3. Full-time MEng students can enroll in a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 courses per term (0.5 weight), and part-time MEng students enroll in a maximum of 1 course per term
  4. All courses must be taken at the graduate level (600 or 700). A minimum of 5 courses must be taken within the ECE department.
  5. MEng students may take a maximum of 3 courses from outside the ECE department. Any non-ECE graduate courses must be completed within the faculties of Engineering, Math, or Science.
    • Courses taken outside of ECE must be the equivalent course weight of 0.5 and must be LEC (Lecture) courses. 
  6. MEng students are not eligible to take undergraduate courses (including 400 and 500-level courses), and undergraduate courses cannot be counted toward your degree requirements.
  7. Courses which have been audited or taken as extra will not be counted toward your degree requirements or any of the specialization requirements.
  8. In order to qualify for a Graduate Specialization, you must fulfil the necessary requirements. Each Specialization has compulsory and elective courses. Compulsory courses are typically only offered once per year, and not all electives are offered every year. As such, it is advisable to take courses when they are offered.
  9. A course cannot be applied to more than two credentials (e.g., the degree and a single specialization).
  10. Due to program completion deadlines, MEng students are not permitted to register in an OVGS course in their final term of registration.
  11. OVGS course registrations will not be approved beyond the 2nd week of the term.
  12. Courses can be added and dropped during the class enrolment period. Any course changes after the end of the course enrolment period are subject to the approval of the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies. Students may not drop a course after the end of the class enrolment period for a WD unless it has been approved by the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

Program duration and enrolment

Full-Time Students

  • Will be allowed to register for a maximum of three courses per term
  • Will be required to register for a minimum of two courses per term
  • Will be required to be registered in the MEng program for a minimum of 3 terms
  • Will be required to complete all degree requirements within 6 academic terms

Part-Time Students

  • Will be allowed to register for a maximum of one course per term (unless registered in the MEng-Power Online program, in which case two courses could be taken with special permission)
  • Will be required to complete all degree requirements within 15 academic terms and should not have more than two terms of continuous "inactive" status
  • Will be required to be registered in the MEng Program for a minimum of 4 terms