ECE Professor Vijay Ganesh wins IBM Faculty Award, and 3 Best Paper Awards/Honors in 2015

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Professor Vijay Ganesh of Waterloo's ECE department recently won an IBM Faculty Award for the year 2015 for his work on string solvers and their applications to malware analysis and security. Professor Ganesh, his collaborators, and students also won 3 best paper awards in 2015. Their work on understanding why feature models are easy for SAT solvers landed them a best paper award at the SPLC 2015 conference held in Nashville, Tennessee. The same week, his work on the Z3str2 string solver was presented at the Computer Aided Verification 2015 (CAV 2015) conference held at San Francisco, and was selected as one of the best papers at the conference. Working with mathematicians at Waterloo, Dr. Ganesh's team has built a tool called MathCheck to finitely verify or counterexample math conjectures. A paper on the initial prototype of MathCheck was selected as among the best papers at the prestigious Computer Aided Deduction 2015 (CADE 2015) conference held in Berlin, Germany.