Electrical and computer engineering professor, Amir-Hossein Karimi receives Igor Ivkovic Teaching Excellence Award

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Electrical and computer engineering professor, Amir-Hossein Karimi is the recipient of this term's Igor Ivkovic Teaching Excellence Award for his commitment and dedication to teaching the course ECE 457B.

Each term the Engineering Society welcomes nominations from students to recognize lecturers, professors, or laboratory instructors from the Faculty of Engineering who exemplify the spirit of Professor Igor Ivkovic’s teaching, through employing non-conventional teaching techniques, allowing opportunities for experiential learning, and showing a commitment and dedication towards ensuring the academic success of students. 

Dr. Karimi will be honoured with a certificate at the Engineering Society's Council 5 meeting in April.

Congratulations Amir!

Amir-Hossein Karimi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and a Vector Institute Faculty Affiliate. Prior to joining Waterloo, he gained extensive industry experience at Meta, Google Brain, and DeepMind, and provided AI-consulting services to numerous startups and incubators.

Professor Karimi’s research focuses on advancing the state of the art in artificial intelligence and charting the path for trustworthy human-AI symbiosis. His research interests include: the development of systems that can recover from or amend poor experiences caused by AI decisions, evaluation of the safety, factuality, and ethics of AI systems to foster trust in AI, and effectively combining human and machine abilities. His research explores the intersection of causal inference, explainable AI, and program synthesis.

Amir-Hossein Karimi