Spring 2019 Courses

Spring 2019 Graduate Courses Offered

The University of Waterloo schedule of classes shows the days, times, room numbers and professors who are teaching the courses in each term.  The table below shows the available courses more readably and links to specific descriptions to the course content where it has been provided by the professor.

                                               Spring 2019 Courses  
Course Number Title Instructor Diploma Option

ECE 603

Statistic Digital Signal Processing  O. Damen  

ECE 608

Quantitative Methods in Biomedical Engineering J. Au  

ECE 653

Software Test/Quality Assurance & Maintenance

W. Dietl

Elective for (1)*

ECE 654

Software Reliability Engineering

W. Dietl Elective for (2)*

ECE 657

Tools of Intelligent System Design

H. Amar

Elective for (1)(2)*

ECE 663

Energy Processing

N.R. Zargari

Compulsory for (3)*

NANO 701 Topic 2

Solid State Physics & Chemistry

G-X. Miao

NANO 702 Topic 6 Microscopy G-X. Miao  

ECE 700

Master of Engineering Project

C.R. Selvakumar *

ECE 614

Fading Dispersive Channels

O. Damen


ECE 632

Photovoltaic Energy Conversion s. Sivoththaman Elective for (3)*

ECE 652

Safety-critical Embedded Software

S. Fischmeister


ECE 665

High Voltage Engineering Applications S. Jayaram Elective for (3)*

ECE 669

Dielectric Materials S. Jayaram Elective for (3)*

ECE 700 Topic 5

Biomedical Ultrasonics

A. Yu

ECE 730 Topic 10 Advanced Technologies for Semiconductor Processing S. Sivoththaman  

ECE 740 Topic 3

Data Converters

D. Nairn

ECE 750 Topic 33 Artificial Life: Biology and Computation K. Dautenhahn and C.L. Nehaniv  
ECE 780 Topic 10 Multivariable Control Systems II J. Simpson-Porco  
ECE 6602PD Power System Management and Electricity Markets K. Bhattacharya **
ECE 6605PD Power System Protection S. Azad **
ECE 6616PD Electric Safety and Grounding System Design M. Salama **

*MEng students only
** MEng Electrical Power students only
(1) Computer Network and Security
(2) Software Engineering
(3) Sustainable Energy