Challenge for Credit

If you have received prior formal education in a particular subject, usually from another accredited university, then it is possible for you to challenge an equivalent course here for credit. This process requires you to provide justification for being exempt from taking the course and and to provide evidence that you understand the course material. This may require you to write a final examination as well as possibly requiring additional testing (for example, in a laboratory setting), as necessary.

If a challenge for credit is successful, you will obtain a credit (CR) for that course; however, you are still expected to carry a full course load.  If the course you have successfully challenged for credit is a core course, you must add another course to your academic term. This additional course cannot be a core course from a future academic term.

See the Undergraduate Calendar for more details.


For a core course, you must contact your Academic Advisor at least two calendar terms before the start of the academic term having a course that you would like to challenge for credit. This will give you the opportunity to write the final examination with another class.


For example, if a Computer Science student transferred into the Computer Engineering Program in 3A but had already taken a in introductory course on databases, that student could challenge for credit the ECE 356 course taken in the 3B academic term. If successful, this student would have to replace the course to satisfy a full course load.