Winter 2024 Courses

Winter 2024 Graduate Courses Offered

The University of Waterloo schedule of classes shows the courses and professors who are teaching courses in each term.  The table below shows available courses and links to tentative descriptions to course content where it has been provided by the professor.

Note: Winter 2024 courses will be held in person only, accept for Online Power MEng courses.

Course Number Title Instructor

ECE 602

Introduction to Optimization Michailovich, Oleg

ECE 610

Shen, Sherman

ECE 612

Mitran, Patrick

ECE 613

Wang, Zhou

ECE 621 Computer Organization Patel, Hiren

ECE 628

Gong, Guang

ECE 634

Aziz, Hany

ECE 650

Methods and Tools for Software Engineering

Gurfinkle, Arie

ECE 651

Foundations Software Engineering

Czarnecki, Krzysztof

ECE 656 Ward, Paul

ECE 657A

Amar, Haitham

ECE 666

Bhattacharya, Kankar

ECE 668

Distribution System Engineering

Salama, Magdy

ECE 669 Dielectric Materials Jayaram, Shehsakamal

ECE 672

Ban, Dayan

ECE 676

Kim, Na Young

ECE 686

Smith, Stephen L.

ECE 699A/B

Master of Engineering Project Huenis, Andrew
ECE 700T10 Yu, Alfred
ECE 730T25 Pezeshkpour, Pegah
ECE 750T33 Dautenhahn, Kerstin
ECE 750T35 Zahedi, Seyed Majid
ECE 750T36 Dautenhahn, Kerstin
ECE 770 Boumaiza, Slim
ECE 6614PD* El-Shatshat, Ramadan
ECE 6616PD* Electrical Safety and Grnd Sys Design Salama, Magdy

* For Online Power MEng students only