Engineering Science Quest

Engineering Science Quest (ESQ) was formed in the fall of 1990 when two undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo saw a similar program at another Canadian university. Taking what they saw to Waterloo, they ran their first camps for grades 5 and 6 students in 1991, and reached 200 students. 

Since then, ESQ has grown to be recognized as a leader in Science and Engineering camps in Canada and now offers multiple summer camps for children entering grades one to nine. Annually the summer camp fills close to 3,000 spots and runs in various rural and indigenous locations in Ontario.


In addition to our March Break, Winter Break, and After School programming, we offer a wide array of in-school and community programming.

Today, we continue our path of excellence as we develop new programming that helps highlight the importance of education in engineering and science. 

ESQ camps are run out of the Waterloo Engineering Outreach (WEO) office and are jointly supported by the Waterloo faculties of Engineering and Science.

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