STEMpowered Conference

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Curious about engineering? Want to see what university is like?

The STEMpowered conference is an exciting opportunity for self-identifying Black students to participate in hands-on workshops, explore the University of Waterloo, meet engineering students, work on design challenges, and experience life in residence!

The 2024 STEMpowered Conference will run on May 4th-5th. Applications are now open!

What to Expect

Conference participants will have a full schedule of engineering challenges, workshops, and social activities.

Workshops: Explore the unique world of engineering through plenty of exciting workshops at UWaterloo. Through these workshops, you will discover the variety of engineering careers, some amazing things engineers do and learn about what your life as an engineer could be like. 

Design challenge: After learning about what engineers do you will get the chance to be an engineer for a day by competing in a design challenge!

You will be given a task to complete and receive a crash course in the engineering design cycle. Using your newly acquired knowledge, you will design and engineer a device to complete the task.

Residence Life: During the conference, you have the option to stay in a university residence overnight. This will give you a taste of what living in residence is like by staying in the rooms and eating in the cafeteria. You can also chat with current engineering undergraduate students about tips for living in residence!

If your application is accepted, you will receive an information package with further details including a packing list and pick-up/drop-off times. 


Thanks to our generous sponsors, the STEMpowered Conference will be free for accepted participants in 2024.


To be considered, you must fill out an application form which includes:

  • General applicant information
  • An area to share why you would like to attend the conference

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until shortly before the conference (or until program capacity has been reached) - for this we recommend students apply as soon as their application is ready as there is limited space in the program. 

Apply using the above link!