Graduate Incidental Fees Fall 2020

Incidental fees are subject to change. Deadline to opt out of optional and voluntary fees charged for Fall term was August 25, 2020.

Incidental fees are non-tuition fees included in your bill each term you are active in a grad program or course. 

  • they are identified as compulsory, optional or voluntary.
  • we are required to charge 13% HST on some optional fees.
  • you can choose to opt out of the optional and voluntary fees charged to your student account. 
  • the opt out deadline is the term due date.

The University collects specific and limited personal information on behalf of the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association and the Graduate Student Association. This information is used for membership administration, elections, annual general meetings, and the administration of student benefit plans and is disclosed to the two organizations and external plan providerssolely for those purposes. Students should contact the office of either group if they have any questions about this matter.

Please review fee information below.


A particular four-month period of course study or research. You are charged fees one term at a time. Due date is always prior to the start of term.

  • Fall Term – September to December;
  • Winter Term – January to April;
  • Spring Term – May to August.