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Why care about food?

Food has an important story. It is what sustains us, nurtures us, and connects us. Because food is interconnected, a food systems lens has the potential to address issues from climate change to poverty. 

With the current food system, many in Waterloo Region will struggle to access and afford enough safe, healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food. Unfortunately, vulnerable and disenfranchised groups struggle the most because of systemic barriers and injustice. In a sustainable food system, everyone would be able to easily source equitably and sustainably produced food and distribute it and have the tools and facilities to consume and dispose of it appropriately.

Venn diagram of the components of a healthy community food system

This diagram visualizes the intersections of a healthy community food system addressing economic, environmental, and community dimensions. Economically, a healthy, local food system creates food independence and protects the viability of farms and livelihoods. Environmentally, a healthy food system improves sustainable food production to reduce environmental impact, promotes green spaces and walkability in land-use planning. In the community, food has the potential to connect us through empowerment, sharing of cultures, knowledge and skills.  

News highlights of community initiatives

Get inspired by folks taking action in the Waterloo Region community! 

Ways to get involved

Here is a list of organizations active in food-related work in the Waterloo Region. They offer events, workshops, or even volunteering for the community to support or participate in. Examples of past events include: