Reading too much lately? Podcasts are a great way to learn about food system issues and solutions happening locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Below are some noteworthy podcasts to listen and learn from.

Region of Waterloo Podcast

Podcast Interviews with Local Champions in Region of Waterloo

A series of podcasts covering topics such as waste management, upcycling and other sustainable food practices. 


Handpicked: Stories from the Field

Presented by the Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, Handpicked: Stories from the Field is a podcast series that showcases research that drives positive change in our food systems—ways we produce, gather, eat, understand and dispose of our food.

the place that sustains us

The Place That Sustains Us

Produced and hosted by members of the Wisahkotewinowak Collective, this podcast discusses Indigenous food and land sovereignty. It is a space for meaningful discussion around urban Indigeneity, how that intersects with our ability to secure improved autonomy over the food we grow, consume and share, and how we can foster a deeper connection with the Land that sustains us. We will hear from diverse guests that hold many perspectives, experiences and knowledges on these topics from all around the Waterloo Region and beyond.

the secret ingredient

The Secret Ingredient

In each episode of The Secret Ingredient, we chose one food to investigate. Hosts Raj, Tom and Rebecca talk with the people whose life's work has been to understand the complex systems of production, distribution, marketing and impact these foods have on our lives. Join us, and dig in! We won't tell you what to eat, but we will tell you why you're eating it.


SeedHeads Podcast

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security is building a movement for resilient seed systems across Canada. Collaborating with farmers, seed producers, researchers, and more than 100 partners from civil society, government and business, we are taking action to increase the quality, quantity, and diversity of ecological seed grown in Canada while honouring the wisdom of farmers.

eco cast

Eco Cast

The Eco Cast is an environmental show featuring weekly conversations with Canadian scientists about all things sustainability. Brought to you by The Eco Market.

earth eats

Earth Eats: Real Food, Green Living

Earth Eats is a weekly podcast, public radio program and blog bringing you the freshest news and recipes inspired by local food and sustainable agriculture.

food tank

Food Tank

Food Tank highlights hope and success in agriculture. We feature innovative ideas that are already working on the ground, in cities, in kitchens, in fields and in laboratories. These innovations need more attention, more research, and ultimately more funding to be replicated and scaled-up. And that is where we need you. We all need to work together to find solutions that nourish ourselves and protect the planet.


Feed: a food system podcast

Debates about the future of food have become more polarised than ever - and little attention is paid to why people hold genuinely different views. This podcast aims to fill this gap by exploring the evidence, worldviews, and values that people bring to global food system debates.