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Gathering Hearts and Minds To Restore the Land - Autumn Celebration

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Gathering Hearts and Minds Restore the Land Network

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Faith Food Forest Project Launch

  • This video captures the launch of Faith & the Common Good's food forest project in partnership with Divest Waterloo and faith communities across Waterloo Region. It features Dr. Andrew Judge an Anishinaabe scholar and teacher sharing his knowledge of the Indigenous land-based sustainability practices that allowed the original peoples in this region to thrive and Nicola Thomas a Food Forest consultant and founder of Grand River Food Forestry sharing examples of her good work and describing how she will support project participants.
  • Andrew Judge on Indigenous Knowledge for a Changing Climate. 2021, Apr 5 (video, starts at 0:14:00 to 1:03:00).
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Land Back

  • From the Arriscraft Lecture Series, What is Solidarity?
  • Waterloo Architecture. 2020, Sept 24. Land back. (video, 1:28:00, with Amy Smoke, Eladia Smoke, Phil Monture) Arriscraft “What is Solidarity?” Lecture Series.
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How Maple Sugar was Made by the Indigenous Peoples of North America

  • Peter takes you to the Hiawatha First Nation to meet Caleb Musgrave, who walks us through how his ancestors made maple sugar. He demonstrates making a birch bark basket, a cedar spile and a fan. He discusses the tools and techniques used pre and post European contact. He explains storage systems for the sugar.
  • The Woodland Escape. 2022, March 24. How Maple Sugar was Made by the Indigenous Peoples of North America. (video, 46:36).
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Food Sovereignty for First Nations, Métis, & Inuit Peoples on Turtle Island

Garrison McCleary teaches at Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. Dave Skene serves as Co-executive Director of the White Owl Native Ancestry Association. Both serve as adjunct faculty at Martin Luther University College.


Sugarbush Live

View live outdoor footage of local wildlife, presented by the Waterloo Region District School Board. 

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Land Back: A roundtable featuring Eriel Deranger, Shiri Pasternak & Daniel T'seleie 

2022 Political Science Annual Lecture, University of Alberta Hosted by Matthew Wildcat; response by Isabel Altamirano-Jiminez; Speaker Series convenor: David Kahane (all three are in the Department of Political Science, University of Alberta)