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Alice Kuzniar named University Research Chair

Friday, June 16, 2017

Alice KuzniarAlice Kuzniar has been named a University Research Chair. This distinction is granted to at most five faculty members a year. The notice from the office of the Vice-President, Academic and Provost reads as follows:

"The University of Waterloo owes much of its reputation and stature to the quality of its professors and their scholarly accomplishments. University of Waterloo recognizes exceptional achievement and preeminence in a particular field of knowledge through the designation 'University Research Chair' - a title which may be held for up to seven years, with the possibility of a re-nomination. A faculty member with this title will receive either a teaching reduction of one course per year or an annual stipend of $10,000."

To learn more about Prof. Kuzniar's research, read the article recently published by the Faculty of Arts.

Congratulations Prof. Kuzniar!