Featured Course of the Week: Infamous Lovers (GER 330)

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Course poster GER 330 Infamous Lovers

Here are Prof. Ann Marie Rasmussen replies to some questions we asked her about GER 330 online - Infamous Lovers.

If you would like to learn more about this course, please contact Prof. Rasmussen.

What’s GER 330 about?

It is about exploring the concept of love as it changes over time, using a masterpiece of world literature as a touchstone for exploring more recent works. 

Why should I take this course?

You will explore transgressive, erotic love, which will give you deeper insight into contemporary, often conflicting understandings of love. You will interact closely with major works of art from German-speaking lands.

What is different about this course from other courses?

We use art as our window. We think about how art communicates concepts in ways that are different from any other form of human knowledge.

How does this course apply to my life, further my career and does help me to get a job?

Taking this course will give you tools to think about different methods of communication, and it will help you become someone who can talk knowledgeably about exemplary art and culture.

What do you like about teaching GER 330?

I learn a lot from student responses about the ways the past can resonate in the present. For example, I enjoy hearing how students from diverse backgrounds respond to these materials. There are often unexpected parallels and insights. So much has changed, and yet, so much remains the same.