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GSS has its first dual PhD

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

New PhD Daniela Roth with her supervisors

Some graduate students have so many good ideas that they need two supervisors to handle the load. Such was the case with Daniela Roth, who became the first graduate student to earn a dual PhD in German from the University of Waterloo and our partner university in Germany, Universität Mannheim, under a cotutelle arrangement. Dr. Roth, who was supervised by two professors, Michael Boehringer from Waterloo (right) and Justus Fetscher from Mannheim (left), examined three contemporary German novels that relate the transcultural and transnational experience that is common in Germany today.  The German programs at Waterloo and Mannheim have had an exchange arrangement since the early 1970s, and since 2012 have been operating a joint MA in Intercultural German Studies.

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