Research Abroad: Visiting Grad Student Alexandra Gubina

Friday, February 14, 2020

The GSS department is currently having a visitor from Mannheim: Alexandra Gubina, Ph.D. student from the University of Mannheim, who also works at the Pragmatics department at the Leibniz-Institute for the German Language (IDS). Alex is staying with the GSS department until the mid of April to work on her dissertation with one of her supervisors, Prof. Emma Betz.Picture of Alexandra Gubina

In her dissertation project, she analyzes linguistic resources for social actions in spoken German using the methods of Conversation Analysis (CA) and Interactional Linguistics (IL) under the supervision of Prof. Arnulf Deppermann and Prof. Emma Betz. Alex is especially looking at social action formats with modal verbs – recurrent multi-functional linguistic forms that, depending on the sequential context, can be used for different social actions in talk-in-interaction.

The main goal of her project is to determine all functions of these social action formats with modal verbs in social interaction. In addition, she tries to find out which contextual factors the recipients rely on in order to ascribe a specific action to a specific format. In March, Alex is going to undertake another short research stay at the University of Colorado (Boulder) to work with Prof. Barbara Fox who originally introduced the notion of "social action format" into the CA and IL research.

Alex decided to do research at UW in order to profit from the cultural and professional exchange with other professors and grad students. So far, she really enjoys working on her dissertation project at another desk than her German one!

Alex is going to hold a Data Session discussing examples from her project on the 26th of March at 9:30 in ML 349.
Feel free to join and get to know Alex and her work!