Onyeka Ezeh

Onyeka Ezeh

Applied Linguistics, Russian language, Media Linguistics and Translation studies


  • Ph.D. Applied Linguistics, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia), 2018
  • M.A. Translation Studies, Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia), 2011


Onyeka Ezeh is a scholar of Translation studies, second language acquisition and Russian language. His research interests are in comparative translation practices and in the modernization of morphological structure of Russian language. Onyeka has comprehensive expertise in Online-based Russian language resources and pedagogy, and broad experience in the development of online Russian courses.

Often engaging interdisciplinary approaches, Onyeka engages students, mostly at the entry levels of their academic career, to explore their own identities while undertaking the different classroom tasks in front of them. Onyeka has teaching experience in diverse institutional contexts across three continents, including a state university in Nigeria (MOUAU), his alma-mater (MSLU Moscow) and starting in September 2019, at the University of Waterloo in the department of Germanic and Slavic Studies and the Arts First program.

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Teaching interests

Applied linguistics, Russian language

Recent courses:

  • RUSS 101/102: Elementary Russian
  • ARTS 130: Inquiry and Communication
  • GER 101 Online: Elementary German
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Research interests

  • Russian as a Second Language
  • Second and Foreign Language Acquisition
  • Contemporary Translation Strategies
  • Computer Assisted Language Learning
  • Development of Online Language Courses
  • Language of the Media: Russia, the West, and the Global South

Selected publications

"Approximate Inversion Tactics in Directive Speech Acts," Issue №41. 2018. Journal of Nizhny Novgorod Linguistics University, NNLU University Press. http://www.lunn.ru/sites/default/files/media/upr_NIR/vestnik/vestnik_41_2018.pdf

"Mitigation as the Result of Defocusing of Directive Speech Acts," Issue 2 (741). Journal of Moscow State Linguistic University, MSLU University Press. http://libranet.linguanet.ru/prk/Vest/2_741.pdf

"Communicative Mitigation as a Factor of Speech Optimization in Linguistics: Language and Communication," Issue 6 (745). Journal of Moscow State Linguistic University, http://libranet.linguanet.ru/prk/Vest/6_745_internet.pdf