Vesna Leko

Headshot of Vesna Leko

Literary & cultural studies. 20th century Southeastern European literature, women writers, war traumas and the everyday life theory, cultural studies, comparative literature, Mediterranean cultures in the EU context. 


I was always fascinated by languages and how they help create cultures. Hence, after completing a B.A. in Modern languages (Bishop’s University) the only logical path to follow was the Comparative Literature graduate studies at the University of Toronto. I spent many years teaching Spanish at the undergraduate level as well as Mediterranean cultures and Canadian immigrant literature. In 2018, I joined the University of Waterloo where I got the unique opportunity to teach a Slavic language – Croatian. Teaching Croatian is an extraordinary experience because I get to see third and fourth generation heritage speakers working hard to reconnect with their cultural background as well as help non-heritage speakers brave a new territory and explore a language that is little known in the North American academia.


CROAT101:Elementary Croatian 101 (online)

CROAT102: Elementary Croatian 102 (online)

REES240: Mediterranean Cultures in European Context (online)