You can also have a look at some current projects of graduate students and faculty members.

Faculty member Education Research interests Selected research
Emma Betz PhD, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Applied linguistics (conversation analysis, interactional linguistics, pragmatics)

  • Betz, E. (2015). Indexing epistemic access through different confirmation formats: Uses of responsive (das) stimmt in German interaction. Journal of Pragmatics, 87, 251-266. Special Issue on 'Reference in Interaction from a Cross-Cultural Perspective.'
  • Betz, E. "Quote – unquote in one variety of German: Two interactional functions of pivot constructions used as frames for quotation in Siebenbürger Sächsisch." Journal of Pragmatics, 54 (2013): 16-34.
  • Betz, E. (2011). "Word choice, turn construction, and topic management in German conversation: Adverbs that are sensitive to interactional positioning." In Mike Putnam (Ed.), Studies on German-Language Islands (pp. 415-454). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Michael Boehringer PhD, Queen's

Literary and cultural studies (Austrian literature, with a special focus on  gender and masculinity)

  • Boehringer, Michael. "Beyond the Binary: Crossing Boundaries in Vladimir Vertlib’s Schimons Schweigen (2012)." Glaubenssysteme: Belief Systems in Austrian Literature, Thought and Culture. Eds. Michael Boehringer, Belinda Kleinhans, Allison Cattell. Vienna: Praesens Verlag, 2017. 232-257.
  • Boehringer, Michael. "’... so gut er das vermochte’: Disability, Masculinity and Desired in Thomas Mann’s ‘Der kleine Herr Friedemann’." Homme fragile: Männlichkeitsentwürfe in den  Werken von Heinrich und Thomas Mann. Eds. Thomas Wortmann and Sebastian Zilles. Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2016. 235-56.

  • Boehringer, Michael, and Susanne Hochreiter, eds. Zeitenwende: Österreichische Literatur seit dem Millennium 2000-2010. Vienna: Praesens Verlag, 2011.
  • Boehringer, Michael. “Fantasies of White Masculinity in Arthur Schnitzler’s ‘Andreas Thameyers letzter Brief’ (1900).” German Quarterly 84.1 (2011): 80-96.
Alice Kuzniar PhD, Princeton

Literary and cultural studies (literary and cultural theory, women and gender studies, Romanticism)

  • Kuzniar, Alice. The Birth of Homeopathy out of the Spirit of Romanticism.  University of Toronto Press, 2017.
  • Kuzniar, Alice. "Diasporic Queers: Reading for the Intersections of Alterities in Recent German Cinema." Cinema and Social Change in Germany and Austria. Ed. James Skidmore and Gabriele Mueller. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2012. 245-64.
  • Kuzniar, Alice. Melancholia’s Dog: Reflections on Our Animal Kinship. University of Chicago Press, 2006.
Grit Liebscher PhD, Texas at Austin

Applied linguistics (discourse analysis and sociolinguistics)

  • Liebscher, Grit and Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain. "Constructing Identities Through Laughter." Studies of Laughter in Interaction. Ed. Phillip Glenn and Liz Holt. London/New York: Continuum Press/Bloomsbury Publishing, 2013. 234-57.
  • Tetyana Reichert and Grit Liebscher. "Positioning the expert: word searches, expertise, and learning opportunities in peer interaction." Modern Language Journal 96, 4 (2012): 595-605.
Paul Malone PhD, British Columbia

Literary and cultural studies (film, performance theory, translation, graphic novels)

  • Malone, Paul. "Transcultural Hybridization in Home-Grown German Manga." Intercultural Crossovers, Transcultural Flows: Manga/Comics. Global Manga Studies, Vol. 2 Ed. Jaqueline Berndt, Kyoto Seika University International Manga Research Center, 2012. 49-60.
Ann Marie Rasmussen



Literary and cultural studies (medieval studies, gender studies, medieval badges)
  • Rasmussen, Ann Marie. "Badges: Abzeichen als sprechende Objekte," in Stimme und Performanz in der mittelalterlichen Literatur, ed. Monika Unzeitig, Angela Schrott, Nine Miedema. Berlin: deGruyter, 2017, pp. 469-491.
  • Rasmussen, Ann Marie. "Materiality and Meaning: What a Medieval Badge Can Tell Us about Translation," in Un/TranslatablesNew Maps for German Literatures, eds. Catriona McLoed and Bethany Wiggin. Chicago: Northwestern University Press, 2016, pp. 215-228.
  • Rasmussen, Ann Marie. "Babies and Books: The Holy Kinship as a Way of Thinking About  Women’s Power in Late Medieval Northern Europe," Founding Feminisms in Medieval Studies. Essays in Honor of E. Jane Burns, eds. Laine E. Doggett and Daniel E. O’Sullivan. Woodbridge: D.S.Brewer, 2016, pp. 205-218.
Barbara Schmenk Dr phil, Bochum

Applied linguistics (foreign language education, gender studies, and cultural theory)

  • Barbara Schmenk and John Plews, ed. Traditions and Transitions. Curricula for German. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Press, 2013.
  • Schmenk, Barbara.  “Die Selbstkonstruktion von Lehrenden im Spannungsfeld zwischen Mehrsprachigkeit und dem Ideal der native speaker Kompetenz.”  Globalisierung, Migration, Fremdsprachenunterricht.  Ed. Andreas  Grünewald. Hohengehren: Schneider,  2012. 101-12. Print.
  • Schmenk, Barbara and Paula Meara.  “Applied Linguistics.”  Routledge encyclopedia of language teaching and learning (2nd, rev. ed.). Eds. Michael Byram and Adelheid Hu. New York:  Routledge, 2012. 35-39. Print.
James M. Skidmore PhD, Princeton

Literary and cultural studies (comparative literature; politics in contemporary German culture)

  • Skidmore, James M. "Reason, Faith, and Europe: Two German Perspectives." Jürgen Habermas and the European Economic Crisis. Eds. Gaspare M. Genna et al. London: Routledge, 2016.
  • Mueller, Gabriele and James M. Skidmore, eds. Cinema and Social Change in Germany and Austria. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2012.