Studying in a castle with the IcGS program

Thursday, March 5, 2020
Since the beginning of February, Aynur Huang is studying abroad at the University of Mannheim. She is currently pursuing a Joint Master of Arts in Intercultural German Studies: a program which awards you with an equal degree from two universities, the University of Waterloo in Canada and the Universität Mannheim in Germany.Aynur Hyuang in front of the Schloss Mannheim
Aynur has special attachments to Baden-Württemberg because she lived in Freiburg (the breathtaking city in the Black Forest) as a child and later returned to the city as an exchange student in her bachelor’s degree. Hence, she really appreciated the opportunity to come back to Germany once again, living and studying in a different city. Her life in Mannheim includes visiting old friends, attending cultural events, taking thought-provoking courses, as well as meeting lots of new people. Although studying abroad has its obstacles, she believes that such challenges enable one to reflect on oneself from various perspectives.
Academically, Aynur likes the autonomy that students have at German universities. She is taking two seminar courses in philosophy and two other courses in German literature this semester. Such flexibility and interdisciplinarity of the course selection are well-suited for her research interests. Aynur says that she is very grateful for this experience; she has no doubt that the city and all the people she meets will occupy a special place in her heart.