Zina Gimpelevich

President, Canadian Association of Slavists, (CAS) 2008-2010

Zina G.

Office: ML 220

Phone: 519.888.4567, x33682

E-mail: zgimpele@uwaterloo.ca

Web: Zina's website

Education: PhD Ottawa


19th and 20th century Russian and Belarusan languages and literatures, and the intelligentsia in both cultures. Album and Diary; Modernism and Russian Avant-garde. Recently is focusing on such authors as Bulgakov, Pasternak, Ehrenburg, Skaldin, Annenskii, Annenskii-Krivich, Zamiatin, and Bykau; her research on the Russian intelligentsia, Bulgakov, Pasternak, and Bykau has resulted in major publications.

Recent Publications/ Presentations




  • “Thus Spoke the Belarusan Prodigy: No Time for Prayers When the House Is on Fire: Janka Kupała’s Žydy. pp. 19. Proceedings are in print, expected to appear-winter 2010.
  • “Valentin Annenskii-Krivich (1880-1936).” Accepted for publication April, 2009. Expected day of publication, April 2010. Research and Information Centre Memorial & European and St. Petersburg Universities, St. Petersburg, Russia. College Academic Press The monograph is in press.



  • Vasil Bykau: His Life and Works. This book of 2005 is in the process of being translated into Russian and is accepted for publication in Moscow.
  • Bilingual (Belarusan/English) monograph Belarusan Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century: Origin, History, and Discourse is in press by Southwestern College Academic Press The monograph is in press.
  • Valentin Innokent’evich Annenskii-Krivich: Literary Album With Gimpelevich’s forward article and comments is submitted for consideration for Moscow Academic Press.

Chapters in Books


  • “We and I in Zamiatin’s We and Rand’s Anthem.” Edited by Jelena Krstovic in Short Story Criticism, Vol. 116 (SSC-116). NJ: The Cengage Learningé-Gale Group, 2008.


  • Belarus and Belarusians in Time and Space “Literature Will Prevail” (in Belarusan), 2007. 349-354.


  • “Cases of Schizophrenia in The Master and Margarita,” reprint from Germano-Slavica in: Twentieth century Literature Criticism, Vol. 159 (TCLC-159), NJ: The Gale Group, 2005.


  • Naš Bykau (Our Bykau), edited by G. Buraukin. “Smerci niama” (in Belarusan, Death is no more). Minsk: Kniha, 2004, 368-375.


  • “Vasil Bykau’s Sciuzha [The Chill]: A Chronicle of Belarusan Peasants’ Sufferings,” Henn-Memmesheimer, Beate and David G. John, eds. Cultural Link: Kanada-Deutschland. Festschrift zum dreißigjährigen Bestehen eines akademischen Austauschs. St. Ingbert: Röhrig Universitätsverlag, 2003. 161-175.

Conference Presentations/Panel Organization


  • Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, 2009. Carleton University, Ottawa. 
  • Organized: 
    • Art Show “Celebration: Canadian Slavists of Slavic Origin.” 22 May 22-1 June, 2009. 28 artists enjoyed a tremendous success
    • Yavarovy Ludzi (Belarusian folk group) and Duet Cantabile (classical music). May 24. This performance for close to 400 Congress’s delegates became a great event and celebration of Canadian Belarusian arts. 
  • Belarusian Panel/Roundtable at CAS:
    • Technology, Nation, Government and Material Culture: four Perspectives on Belarusian Cultural and Political Experiences Organizer: M. Paula Survilla (Wartburg College, Waverly, IA, USA).
      Chair: Zina Gimpelevich (University of Waterloo)
    • Roundtable: Belarusian-Canadian Writings: Commonality and Diversity Organizer: Zina Gimpelevich. Gave a paper: “While writing a manuscript…”

Invited Lectures/Conference Presentations


  • Minsk, May, 2010 World Congress of Belarusists, Belarusian Academy of Sciences. Was invited to organize a panel and to give a paper. This panel’s tentative title is "Belarusian Jews" 


  • “Changing a Canon: The Image of the Jew in Vasil Bykaǔ’s Military Prose.” BASEES  Conference.Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. 28-30 March, 2009
  • “Valentin Annenskii-Krivich. 1880-1936 Biography.” Research and Information Centre Memorial & European & St. Petersburg Universities. 20-22 April 2009. St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Welcoming remarks for 28th Belarusian Convention in Cleveland, US.
  • Janka Kupala and Jakub Kolas conference, London, UK.


  • “The Son of the Poet and the Poet Himself” Colloque International, Universite Blaise Pascal Clermont.


  • Vasil Bykau’s latest short novels: The Wolves' Pit and Auhanec.” International Conference, Vitiebsk.
  • “Vasil Bykau. The Wolves’ Pit: Flora and Fauna Are Not What They Used to Be in Belarus.” Sorbonne, Paris.


  • “Vasil Bykau: My Biography Is in My Books.” Harvard University, Boston.
  • “Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Belarusan Nation: From “How should we organize Russia” to Two Hundred Years Together.” IV International Congress of Belarusists (MAB), Minsk.


  • “Smerci niama (Death is no more).” The 26th Convention of Belarusans in North America, Toronto.
  • “The Power of an Individual: What Can I do to Preserve Belarusian Cultural and Historical Heritage.” Chaired a round table at the 26th Convention of Belarusans in North America, Toronto.


  • "G. Ivanov and His Circles.” VI International Conference, Vitebsk.


  • Russian (RUSS) 101, 102: Elementary Russian I & II
  • Russian and Eastern European Studies (REES) 320: The Slavic Short Story
  • REES 230: The Devil
  • REES 460: Topics Course Modernism
  • REES 460: Topics Course Album Literature

Recent Theses/ Dissertations Supervised


  • AFARIK, Amy: A Literature of Conscience: Yevtushenko's Post-Stalin Poetry.


  • AMIRANASHVIL, Nino: Boris Pasternak and Georgia.
  • PAVLOVA, Iryna: Zinaida Gippius' The Petersburg Diary as a Literary Genre.


  • STIMSON, Brock: Russian Dystopia: Evgenii Zamiatin's We.


  • RAU-HASSANI, Natalie: Women's Issues from "Domostroi" to 1980s: Russian Women Writers in the 1960s-1980s.




  • SSHRC Standard Research Grant
    Valentin Krivich's Treasure Chest

Scholarly and Professional Activities



  • President, Belarusan Institute of Arts and Sciences (BINiM), Canada.


  • President, Canadian Association of Slavists (CAS)


  • Vice-President, Canadian Association of Slavists (CAS)
  • Reader (Assessor) Canadian Slavonic Papers


  • Reader (Assessor) Canadian Slavonic Papers
  • External Assessor for promotion, the University of Alberta
  • External Assessor Canada Council for the Arts. Killam Program
  • External Assessor: SSHRC-grant
  • Committee Member, GSS. Tenure and Promotion
  • Committee member for Germano-Slavica
  • Volunteer: Arts Orientation
  • GSS Graduate workshop: Writing an application: SSHRC, OGS. 2007 Guest Lecture: RUSS 600. 2007 Research Talk: Love What You Do. Introduction to some methods of research.


  • External Assessor (The Order of Canada), Rideau Hall.
  • External Assessor for promotion, the University of Alberta (two)
  • External Assessor for the refereed press (2 manuscripts; 2 articles)
  • External (peers review) Assessor for the SSHRC
  • Committee member for organizing international Slavic conference
  • Committee member for Departmental Graduate conference
  • Committee member for Germano-Slavica


  • External Assessor of German and Russian Programs, Department of German and Russian, MUN, St. Johns, Canada

2004:2004-2007 Executive Secretary & Treasurer, Canadian Association of Slavists



1994, 2007, 2008:

  • Letters of Recognition from outstanding student(s) in honors programs 
  • Dean’s List standing & Departmental Student Award.

1994, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006:

  • Five Nominations for Distinguished Teacher’s Award, University  of Waterloo

2000, 2001:

  • Honorary President and the Life Member of the Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belaruś  
    Commemorative plaque for establishing the Fund (one of the three founders, 1989) and for service.


  • A letter-certificate of merit from His Excellency, The Governor General of Canada, Edward R. Schreyer for teaching him and his two sons Russian language and culture. 
  • I was appointed by the Governor General’s Office through the Dept. of External Affairs, Canada. 

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