Multiscale Environmental Particle Analysis Laboratory (MEPAL)

MEPAL provides a wide range of analytical capabilities to characterize solid phase samples (soils, sediments, and aerosols), as well as environmental microcalorimetry.

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Note: All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD$). For more details on our rental policies and how we set our pricing, please see Our policies and FAQs page.

Multiscale Environmental Particle Analysis Laboratory (MEPAL) services and fees




1. Microcalorimetry

Isothermal Microcalorimeter (TAM Air)

$250 per day

2. Solid-phase elemental analysis (C, N, H)

Elementar vario EL cube

$60 per sample and per element

3. X-ray diffraction

PANanalytical Empyrean II

$250 per sample

4. Electron microscopy

Table-top scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (SEM-EDS) (Hitachi scanning electron microscope TM-3000 with Bruker QUANTAX 70 Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer)

$110 per sample

5 . Particle sizing

Malvern Zetasizer Lab (Red)

$85 per sample

6. Zeta potential Malvern Zetasizer Lab (Red) $85 per sample

7. Gentle sample grinding

Micronising Grinding Mill

$110 per day

8. Freeze drying

Freeze dryer (Labconco FreeZone Freeze Dry System 7753020)

$85 per day

9. Microwave digestion

Microwave digester (Anton Paar Multiwave 3000)

$150 per batch (max 16 samples)

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