Nanobiosensors Lab facilities

The Nanobiosensors Laboratory specializes in using DNA for analytical chemistry and offers a wide range of analytical services including fluorescence and light spectroscopy as well as DNA quantification.

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Note: All prices are in Canadian dollars (CAD$). For more details on our rental policies and how we set our pricing, please see Our policies and FAQs page.

Nanobiosensors facilities and rental fees

Service Equipment Fee
1. Detection of DNA PCR reaction products Real-time PCR thermocycler (CFX96, Bio-Rad) $80 per run (up to 96 tubes per run)
2. PCR amplification of DNA PCR thermocycler (T100, Bio-Rad) $20 per run (up to 96 tubes per run)
3. Gel imaging (fluorescence) Gel Documentation System (ChemDoc, Bio-Rad) $10 per gel
4. Imaging of cells and fluorescent microparticles and microplastics Inverted fluorescence microscope (Nikon Eclipse Ti) $50 per hour
5. Raman characterization of molecules, nanomaterials,
microplastics and other materials
Raman spectrometer (DeltaNu 785) $20 per hour
6. Reading fluorescence and absorbance and chemiluminescence
in 96 well plates (for biosensor validation)
Fluorescence microplate reader (Tecan Spark) $125 per day
7. Reading fluorescence in 96 well plates (for biosensor validation) Fluorescence microplate reader (Tecan M200) $125 per day
8. Measurement of absorbance of samples
(for colorimetric biosensor validation)
UV-vis spectrometer (Agilent 8453A) $100 per day
9. Measurement of fluorescence intensity and lifetime
(for low fluorescence intensity samples)
Fluorometer (Fluoromax 3, Horiba) $20 per hour
10. Measurement of particle size and zeta potential Dynamic light scattering spectrometer (ZetaSizer Nano s90, Malvern) $85 per sample
11. Drying DNA Vacufuge drier (Eppendorf) $20 per run (up to 40 tubes per run)
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