Ecotoxicology lab equipment

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Ecotoxicology lab equipment and rental fees

Aquatic Toxicology and Ecosystem Remediation

Equipment Used for Fee
Bio-Rad CFX-96 Realtime PCR (x2) Used to run plates for quantifying gene expression and covid-19 in wastewater $600 per sample
Bio-Rad CFX- OPUS Realtime PCR (x2) Used to run plates for quantifying gene expression and covid-19 in wastewater $600 per sample
Qiagen Digital PCR Quantifies nucleic acids  $800 per sample
PCR workstation Used to prepare reagents for PCR and plate them $50 per day
Bio-Rad T100 thermocycler Used for PCR gene expression $100 per sample
Biological safety cabinet Used to prepare, extract samples for various projects $50 per day
NIMBUS automated liquid handler Plates mastermix and samples for covid-19 and other projects $600 per sample
Nanodrop (Thermofisher NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometers) Measures total RNA, DNA and proteins for various measures including covid-19 in wastewater $100 per sample
Bio-Rad plate sealer Seals plates to be run with qPCR $10 per plate
Refrigerated centrifuges Used to centrifuge samples that require refrigeration for covid-19 in wastewater $50 per day
MaxQ 6000 incubator Incubation of yeast cells for determination of total erogenicity of wastewater (YES assay) $100 per day
Molecular Devices M3 spectrophotometer plate reader Many uses.  ELISAs, YES assay, other cell cultures $100 per day
Perkin Elmer 3110 Tricarb liquid scintillation counter Radiation measurements.  H3, C13, I125 etc.  $50 per sample
QIAcube Connect Extracts RNA per DNA for various kits $200 per day
Laminar flow hood Used to prepare and extract samples for YES assay $50 per day
Supelco manual SPE manifolds Extraction of PPCPs from water samples $50 per day
YSI handheld multimeters Measures water quality parameters in stream and in aquatic facility for various projects $50 per day
Dionex Autotrace for SPE extractions Automated SPE for PPCPs and hormones.  $200 per day
Dionex ASE for solid extractions Automated accelerated solvent extraction of solids like fish tissue for PPCP analysis $200 per day
Agilent 2200 Tapestation Measures RNA/DNA quality  $100 per sample
Agilent 1260 LC with UV detector and fraction collector Separates a variety of chemicals for toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) studies.  Collects specific fractions/peaks of individual chemicals.  $500 per sample
Agilent 1260 LC with Agilent 6460 Triple Quad MS Analysis of PPCP, hormones, drugs of abuse.  $1200 per sample
Cytation plate reader Plate reader with imaging capabilities used for cell culture $300 per sample
Bead Beater Homogenizer Homogenizes samples prior to extraction for DNA or RNA $100 per day
Nitrogen Evaporator Recently purchased $50 per day

Waterloo Aquatic Threats in Environmental Research (WATER)

Equipment Used for Fee
Dosing Containment system (x2) Systems for holding and dosing fish $100 per day
Holding tanks Fish holding tanks $50 per day
Auto Liquid handler/ DNA extractor Fully automated liquid handler for many different uses such as extraction for specific RNA kits and loading 96 well plates for analysis.  $600 per sample
Aquatic Habitats (AHAB) AHAB system for holding fish $200 per day
Fish exposure system Chilled fish exposure system for static and flow through exposures of small-bodied fish to a variety of contaminants.  $200 per day
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