Cryospheric Remote Sensing field rentals

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Cryospheric Remote Sensing field rentals

Equipment Fee

1. Drone – eBee senseFly with three sensors of your choice: RGB sensor, multispectral sensor, and thermal sensor

$300 per day (one sensor)
$400 per day (two sensors)
$500 per day (three sensors)

2. UAV – DJI Matrice 600 Pro with two sensors: headwall hyperspectral and FLIR thermal camera

$500 per day (sensor or camera)
$700 per day (sensor and camera)

3. G10 GNSS ground-based Rover Kit with Smart Antenna, (L1-L2-L5, RTK) GSM/GPRS, UHF, for drone flights

$50 per day
4. OpenROV underwater drone with camera and temperature sensor $200 per day
5. HOBO TidbiT Temperature Data Loggers (x100) $10 per day per logger
6. ProSensing field-deployable radar Ku and X-band systems $1000 per day (one radar system)
$1500 per day (two radar systems)
7. Campbell meteorological station with temperature, RH, wind, radiation, snow depth, camera and datalogger. (Installed on shore of Malcolm Ramsay Lake near Churchill, Manitoba) $200 per day
8. SnowHydro Magna Probes (two snow depth probes with GPS and datalogger) $150 per day (one probe)
$225 per day (two probes)
9. Kovacs ice drilling and coring equipment $250 per day
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