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  1. Oct. 16, 2019Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Doctoral Scholarship - Deadline Extended

    Due to technical difficulties with SSHRC's online application system, the deadline for the SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship applications has been extended until Tuesday, October 22, 2019 at 8:00 p.m. (EST). 

    For more information on the application process, visit the SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship competition website.

  2. Oct. 14, 2019Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision - nominations now open!
    Jean Andrey beside car

    Do you know a graduate supervisor that has demonstrated excellence in their field, as well as being a mentor, advisor, and role model? Nominate an outstanding faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in graduate student supervision at the University of Waterloo!

  3. Sep. 25, 2019GRADtalks: The Role of the University in the Modern World
    Jeff Casello James Rush, Two GRADtalks speakers

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  1. Oct. 23, 2019Practice Your Presentation Skills I (Mitacs, in-person)

    In this one-day course, theory is introduced in short bursts and participants spend the majority of time practicing their presentation skills while receiving onsite feedback. The focus on extensive practice and feedback is what makes the program meaningful, and is what makes the learning stick.

    Additional information: Registration required through the Mitacs EDGE platform.

  2. Oct. 23, 2019Supporting student mental health, CTE2259 (Fall 2019)

    Student mental health and well-being is a crucial dimension of the academic environment. In this workshop, you will learn about your role and responsibilities as a Teaching Assistant in supporting student mental health on campus. The focus will be on explaining relevant University policies and identifying the resources and services that both you and your students can draw upon. Together, we will explore how to proactively promote mental well-being in the classroom, as well as how to respond to specific mental health needs that come to your attention.

  3. Oct. 23, 2019Academic Interviews (Fall 2019)

    Through this interactive workshop, you’ll become better prepared for a campus interview. In addition to learning about a typical campus interview schedule, you’ll learn to analyze interview questions and evaluate and develop effective responses to these questions.

    Additional information: Registration required through WaterlooWorks.

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  1. Oct. 17, 2019GRADflix - Make every frame a painting
    The GRADflix winners pose on the red carpet

  2. Sep. 26, 2019Keys to research productivity: Work-life balance in the Waterloo Region
    Rocks balanced on the beach

    How does one avoid burnout in grad school, and maintain a high degree of personal effectiveness in one’s “GRADventure?” The answer to that is “don’t forget to have fun” – relaxation is key. ... Take advantage of what is around. There are many things one can do in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas.

  3. Aug. 14, 2019GRADventure profile: Angela Rooke
    Angela Rooke

    Angela Rooke, manager of graduate and postdoctoral experience, launched GRADventure in 2015 shortly after she began working in Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs. Recently, Angela was interviewed as part of the TRaCE PhD project, and shared about her PhD experience and her career path.

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