Huawei Prize for Best Research Paper by a Mathematics Graduate Student

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Award description: 

At least one award, valued at $4,000, will be presented annually to a graduate student or team of students who are currently registered or who have been for at least one academic term between January 1 and December 31 of the preceding year in the Faculty of Mathematics. The nominee(s) must have authored or co-authored an outstanding research paper as of January 31. Students must be nominated by their supervisor, with final selection made by the Faculty of Mathematics Research Advisory Committee. This fund is made possible by a sponsorship from Huawei Canada.

Eligibility & selection criteria: 

Nominee must have been registered as a graduate student in the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo, for at least one semester during the period January 1 to December 31 of the preceding year.

The research paper authored by the nominee can be in any of the research areas covered by the Faculty of Mathematics. Papers can be single-authored or multi-authored. The selection criteria will be based solely on the quality of the paper, including originality of results and potential impact.

To be eligible for the Prize in a given year, the nominee's paper must satisfy one of the following two criteria as of January 31 of that year:

  • published in a journal or conference proceedings;
  • accepted to a journal or conference, or passed the first round of the normal refereeing process for a journal.
Masters, Doctoral
Mathematics→Applied Mathematics, Combinatorics & Optimization, Computational Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics for Teachers, Pure Mathematics, Statistics & Actuarial Science
Canadian/Permanent resident, International/study permit student
Selection process: 
Student selected automatically by Faculty/Department
Additional instructions: 

Each unit (department or school) in the Faculty of Mathematics may submit at most one nomination. Units can set their own internal deadlines for soliciting nominations from their unit, and use their own internal procedures to select a single nomination in the event there is more than one.

The nomination shall be made by the nominee's supervisor. The deadline for submissions by units is January 31. Nominations from units should be sent electronically in PDF format, to the Mathematics Research Office.

Nomination packages must contain the following documents:

  • Cover letter (limited to 2 pages) that summarizes the contribution of the paper, and its originality, importance, and potential impact;
  • the research paper under consideration;
  • documentation that the paper satisfies one of the two eligibility criteria listed above;
  • in case of joint authorship, certification by a senior co-author or the student's supervisor of the nominee's pivotal role and the relevance of the nominee's contribution.

In exceptional cases, a paper can have two or more graduate students whose contributions are roughly equal. For such a paper, two or more graduate student co-authors can be nominated for the Prize. If the nomination is successful, the cash award will be divided evenly among the nominees.

The awardee will be selected by the Faculty of Mathematics Research Advisory Committee (RAC) in February.

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    Please contact the Mathematics Research Office for further information regarding this award.