May 6: Contribute to choosing the University’s nomination for an Excellence in Equity Award

To: University of Waterloo community

From: Charmaine B. Dean, Vice-President, Research and International

Subject: Contribute to choosing the University’s nomination for an Excellence in Equity Award

Note: This email is for action

I would like to invite the entire University of Waterloo community to contribute to choosing the University’s nomination for the Robbins-Ollivier Award

for Excellence in Equity: 2022 Inaugural Competition by voting for one of three projects under consideration for this award.

The University can put forward only one institutional application for a research project that is bold and potentially game-changing for the research ecosystem while demonstrating leadership and commitment to equity.

I encourage all members of the University community to thoroughly review each proposed project and assess which will have the greatest impact to furthering equity, diversity, and inclusion for our campus. Please select the project which you feel best meets the following criterion: 

  • The initiative is bold and potentially game-changing in terms of challenging the status quo and sparking change in the institution and/or the research ecosystem and academia more broadly considering how this project might be expanded or scaled to support others and/or other faculties in the future.
  • The initiative is informed by evidence and best practices in addressing inequities and includes an intersectional approach that takes into account intersections and interdependencies of the different lived experiences of and barriers faced by individuals.
  • The initiative includes the participation/engagement of the communities it seeks to benefit and takes steps to mitigate potential unintended harm to these communities.

The overall Waterloo community ranking will be submitted to an internal selection committee for consideration in determining the University’s sole application.

Voting will close on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. Please review each of the three applications on the Online Voting web page and submit your vote by signing in with your Waterloo credentials.

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