Chris Eliasmith - Philosophy

Chris Eliasmith is a wonderful and most deserving recipient of this award; he epitomizes the qualities that every graduate student hopes their supervisor possesses. For one, he “struck the perfect balance between providing guidance and allowing me to strike out on my own.” Another noted that Dr. Eliasmith “is an outstanding supervisor and mentor.” But he is more than that, too. He celebrates student accomplishments, does his best to bring their work to the attention of colleagues at other universities and in the private sector, and pushes them to realize their full potential, partly by filling their inboxes with academic papers that he thinks might help their research. The odd game of paintball for the lab also helps to sharpen their reflexes. A common theme expressed by students who have been guided and directed by Chris is the enriched experience they have received, to the point where some want to stay with him, despite more remunerative offers elsewhere. Similarly, his ability to create a lab environment that encourages student interaction and participation is remarkable. One student has noted that the intellectual stimulation in that venue is galvanizing. Moreover, given the atmosphere that Dr. Eliasmith has created in his lab, students want to be there – to talk, to socialize and to swap ideas. Finally, his most impressive curriculum vitae is not merely a list of accomplishments put to paper, but is, as one of his colleagues put it, “made animate by his positive presence in the daily lives of those working under him.” In short, the Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision was created some years ago with Chris in mind; he is an excellent recipient.


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