Jack Callaghan - Kinesiology

Dr. Callaghan has graduated nine MSc students and four PhD students, and is currently supervising two MSc students and seven PhD students.  Jack Callaghan integrates his students into his dynamic research and gives them opportunities to publish and present their findings at prestigious conferences. Many have gone on to be faculty members, post-doctoral fellows and do research jobs in industry.

A student writes “Dr. Callaghan’s advisory style is to be very open and engaged with his students. He typically has an open door for his graduate students whether to discuss data analysis or a life event. Dr. Callaghan has been an exemplary role model for his students, pushed them to excel and maximize their potential as individuals, and constantly conveyed his belief in them as well as his desire for their future success.”

“Dr. Callaghan quickly moved through the academic ranks as an assistant professor at the University of Guelph, accepted a Canadian Research Chair at the University of Waterloo, and recently achieved the rank of full professor. Throughout this time, he has continually acknowledged his graduate students, and his relationships with them, as being the source of his success.”

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners