Russell Tupling - Kinesiology

Dr. Tupling joined University of Waterloo in 2002 as a postdoctoral fellow, and subsequently became a professor in 2004. In the ensuing six years he has supervised 6 Masters students (5 of whom have already completed) and 2 doctoral students, as well as co-supervising another two, and serving on numerous committees.  He has been generous in encouraging his students to present and to publish. Nine of his refereed publications are joint with one or more of his students, and 26 of his refereed conference proceedings. His students comment:

“Dr. Tupling is a leader through example as he exhibits an undeniable passion for his research”

“My encounter with Dr. Tupling has forever influenced my chosen career path.”

“Dr. Tupling has been an inspiration to myself and every other student in his laboratory.  His love and enthusiasm for research is infectious and causes students to work harder and perform to the best of their abilities.”

“Dr. Tupling … is approachable and generous with his research knowledge and willingness to help out with career development.”

Students speak with admiration of how Dr. Tupling manages to retain balance in his life, as a devoted supervisor, an active researcher, and at the same time managing/coaching his children’s competitive sports teams, and hosting his students and lab colleagues to an annual summer BBQ with his family.  Students speak of him as a profound scientific mentor, a life mentor and a friend. He is highly deserving of this award.

Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners