Steve Spencer - Psychology

“Steve attracts absolutely stellar, well-rounded, brilliant students.”One student did a SSHRC postdoc at Stanford, was hired as an Assistant Professor at UCLA and is now at UBC as a tenured professor. Four of his other students are either postdocs or faculty.

Dr. Spencer has been recognized for helping prospective students and students who he is currently supervising. “Steve embodies everything that a graduate student would want in a supervisor; he is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his research, he is well respected in his field, he is an excellent teacher, he is a great mentor, he is extremely approachable, and he is very committed to all of his students.“ He seems to know exactly what each student requires in terms of supervision. One student he supervised was interested in a cultural area and Professor Spencer, although knowing that it would take more of his time to supervise this student, agreed to do it. “He treats all of his colleagues (from undergrads to celebrity professors) with the same respect and recognition.”


Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision winners