Wendy Mitchinson - History

Wendy Mitchinson, History Professor and Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Gender and Medical History, is a leading and prolific scholar in the area of women, health, and medicine in Canada. As one supporter wrote, she also “set[s] a very high standard for graduate and post-graduate supervision” and “has personally trained and shaped several cohorts of scholars.” All that Dr. Mitchinson does benefits her students, whether that means inspiring a love of research, promptly giving detailed and supportive feedback on students’ ideas and writing, using her own grant money to fund students’ travel to conferences, helping graduate students develop as good teachers and work colleagues, or modelling a successful balance of work and life.

Former and present students comment not only on Dr. Mitchinson’s generosity but also on how much of their own success they accredit to her mentorship. She is their role model, their guide, their support, their advocate, and their very best critic. By last count, Dr. Mitchinson has supervised 29 MA students, 8 PhDs (with 3 more in progress); as well, she has mentored 8 Postdoctoral fellows and served as external examiner 19 times. Remarkably, all of the PhD students Dr. Mitchinson has supervised went on to tenure-track academic positions: five of them recently returned to Waterloo during Congress 2012 to present a panel in honour of her work as historian and teacher.

A much loved, admired, and respected mentor and colleague, Dr. Wendy Mitchinson is the ideal recipient of the Award of Excellence in Graduate Supervision.


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