We believe that excellence in graduate studies is reinforced by providing funding so you can devote time and energy to your studies.

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (GSPA) works closely with our Faculties, academic departments, the Office of Development and external agencies to develop and promote competitive-based awards and scholarships. There are also bursaries available to support those who demonstrate financial need.

Terms of reference

The term "award" is a general designation applied to any scholarship, prize, medal, fellowship, or grant of money assigned to a student. Within this designation, awards are further defined as follows:

  • Awards - based on a combination of criteria such as academic performance, leadership or involvement in extracurricular activities or student affairs at the university or in the community, work-related experience, athletic achievement or participation, or work-term performance, and may include a financial need component
  • Bursaries - based primarily on financial need
  • Scholarships - based primarily on outstanding academic merit (80% or greater) or excellence in a specific subject or group of subjects


Recipients of awards and funding may have their information (including details such as recipient name, academic program, award value, etc.) shared with donors, sponsors, agencies and institutional administrative staff for stewardship, recognition and statistical purposes. Please note that through the name/eligibility of the award, recipient demographic information may be identified. Should you have any questions about this, please contact the Associate Director, Graduate Financial Aid & Awards.