Other supports on campus

University of Waterloo has many units on campus that provide services and support to graduate students in a wide range of areas, from transportation to printing. Check out these resource listing for more details: 

*Several resources are specific to graduate students.

**Many campus partners offer graduate student specific resources, in addition to general services

Managing conflict and difficult situations

Resources that support managing conflict and difficult situations

Name of unit or service

Brief description

AccessAbiltiy Services AccessAbility Services works with students to develop an individualized accessibility plan and provides information about roles and responsibilities of both students and faculty. 
Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE) The CTE provides information and helpful tips on dealing with conflict in the classroom
Counselling Services Counselling Services provides many options to help students manage difficulties caused by conflict, including: individual counselling, workshops and online resources
Graduate Student Association (GSA) The GSA provides support for graduate students by helping to navigate policies and fill grievances, appeals or petitions and providing a support person for meetings. 
Graduate Studies Academic Calendar

The Graduate Studies Academic Calendar provides information on dispute resolution channels and responsibilities of various members of the graduate community: 

Harassment and Discrimination, Guidelines for Teaching Assistants

Prepared by the Conflict Management and Human Rights Office (CMAHRO), these guidelines are to assist in the rare, but difficult cases, when a TA is presented with an initial human rights complaint.

Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office

The Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office has several departments available to assist graduate students in navigating a variety of conflicts: 

1. Conflict Management and Human Rights Office (CMAHRO)

  • Services include one-on-one coaching, resolution support, and third party dispute resolution processes
  • Online resources provide introductory information on University of Waterloo policies, harassment, human rights, and avoiding miscommunication

2. Equity Office

  • Assists members of the University of Waterloo community with equity concerns to navigate University of Waterloo structures and systems
  • Provides consulting and advising on equity issues, including the duty to accommodate

3. Sexual Violence Response Co-ordinator

  • Supports all members of the University of Waterloo community who have experienced or been impacted by sexual violence, including those who have been accused of perpetrating sexual violence
  • Supports include both formal and informal options

University of Waterloo Policies

The University of Waterloo has many policies that may relate to situations of conflict, including: 

  • Policy 30 - Employment of Graduate Students Teaching Assistants
  • Policy 33 - Ethical Behaviour
  • Policy 42 - Prevention and Response to Sexual Violence

Supporting equity and diversity on campus

Resources that support equity and diversity on campus
Name of unit or service

Brief description

Glow Centre for Sexual & Gender Diversity

Glow is the oldest queer and trans student organization in Canada. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, it offers a wide variety of discussion groups, social events, advocacy opportunities, awareness campaigns, resources, and information.

Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office

The Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Office is the central source of expertise for the University of Waterloo community members on substantive equality, diversity, and inclusion matters. The office leads on-campus efforts to proactively promote equity and diversity.

Inclusive washrooms The Equity Office maintains an interactive map of inclusive washrooms on campus. 

Sexual Violence Response Co-ordinator

The Sexual Violence Response Co-ordinator supports students, staff and faculty who have experienced or have been impacted by sexual violence. This includes:

  • Providing a safe space for folks to speak about their experience
  • Providing both on- and off-campus resources that can offer further support
  • Exploring potential next steps, which could include safety planning, formal and informal options, workplace and/or academic accommodations
Waterloo Women's Wednesdays (W3)

W3 is a gathering (and mailing list) of women and non-binary grad students, post-docs, staff and faculty that meets on the last Wednesday of each month. The purpose of W3 is to foster a social and support network among women and non-binary members of the UW community. The group offers a safe space to discuss issues, provides a place to present university research, and raises awareness about gender and sexuality at the university both as a workplace and as a place for intellectual engagement.

Women’s Centre

The Women's Centre aims to provide a female-positive and supportive environment on campus for women and trans* folks. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, it holds workshops, film screenings, and guest lectures.

Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre

The Waterloo Indigenous Student Service Centre facilitates the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and provides culturally relevant information and support services for all members of the University of Waterloo community, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, staff, and faculty.


Other resources and services on campus
Name of unit or service

Brief description

Student Food Bank

Strapped for cash and need some food? Don't go hungry! Come to the Student Food Bank and get groceries for free. Run entirely by dedicated student volunteers, this valuable service is confidential and available to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Food Services

Food Services operates 24 outlets across campus – find out what options are available, including a new all FRSH location that offers made on the spot vegan meals. Food Services has also teamed up with students to create the campus’ first ever market, to bring local produce to campus.

Graduate Student Association (GSA)

A graduate student run not-for-profit organization, GSA actively promotes and represent graduate student interests to the university administration and all levels of government. The GSA provides a number of services for graduate students, such as legal aid, income tax aid, supplementary health and dental plans, GRT bus pass, and student advocacy.

Graduate Student Housing (on-campus)*

On-campus graduate student housing is available at Columbia Lake Village (CLV), an apartment-style residence community offering single rooms in 2-bedroom and 4-bedroom townhouses. CLV offers all-inclusive living, community events, a seasonal shuttle, and much more!

For family housing, check out family housing at CLV or St. Paul’s Grad Apartments.

Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing has a listing service, to help you find the perfect place off-campus. Tips for finding housing and information about tenant rights are also provided.

Parking Services

Parking services is responsible for the approximately 6000 parking spaces, and 22 lots on campus. Student parking permits are available for purchase on a termly basis.

Print and Retail Solutions

Print and Retail Solutions operates W Print and W Store, which offer several services to students:

W Print services:

  • W Print Kiosks (formerly uPrint): submit your files and release them at any one of teh 50+ on-campus printing kiosks by tapping your WatCard
  • Professional printing: Technicians will work with you to print in a variety of professional formats from posters to binding and finishing

W Store has several locations with a variety of services: 

  • W Store | Gifts + Apparel: Located in South Campus Hall, this is your on-campus source for all things University of Waterloo, from drinkware to clothing.
  • W Store | Course Materials + Supplies: Located in South Campus Hall, here you'll find course materials, school supplies, books, boardgames, computers, tech accessories, and computer repair services.
  • W Store Essentials: Located in Mathematics and Computer, the Science Teaching Complex, or the Student Life Centre, the W Store Essentials carries bestselling itesms adn academic essentials

Student Service Centre (The Centre)

The Centre is a go-to place for a number of student administrative needs. Graduate and undergraduate students can order documents, add/drop courses, drop off forms, change their personal information, receive financial advice, get answers to a wide range of miscellaneous questions, and so much more.

Turnkey Desk

Located in the Student Life Centre, the Turnkey Desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and provides many services, including:

  • Tickets for public transportation, including: Go Transit, Greyhound Bus, Grad River Transit Bus and Mega Bus
  • Purchase or loading of PRESTO Fare Cards
  • Entertainment tickets for: Princess Cinema, Apollo Cinema, Cineplex Entertainment and Landmark Cinemas
  • Access to and bookings for study lounges, quite study lounge, piano room, multifaith prayer room, and lounges for group meetings and activities
  • And much more!

UW Police

UW Police are on duty 24 hours a day every day of the year and promote safety on campus. Visit the UW Police website for more information about campus safety on campus, including the personal safety guide and the shuttle program.

Waterloo International

Whether you are participating in a field course, research project, internship, or other University of Waterloo business, Waterloo International provides support to enhance your intercultural experience.