Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Anirban Banarjee, black and whiteAnirban Banerjee is from Kolkata West Bengal, India, and is now a permanent resident of Canada. He completed his MSc at the University of Saskatchewan, and his PhD at the Western University in London, Ontario. He has been a part of the postdoc community here at the University of Waterloo since June 2021.

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Anirban is also an Eastern Semiclassical Vocalist. This makes him a dual professional in both engineering and music. Feel free to visit his website,, for more information. He describes himself as a simple and honest person who is dedicated to serving humankind and Mother Nature through both his research and his music.

At UWaterloo Anirban is currently working on an interdisciplinary project with Dr. Valerie Ward at
the Department of Chemical Engineering. The long-term aim of this work is to reduce the costs of protein therapeutics, including life-saving drugs. He proposes to do this by producing them in algae, which is inexpensive when compared to traditional manufacturing platforms involving human and mammalian cell lines. If successful, this will create a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry and save many lives.

University of Waterloo

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