Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

Man standing in a field with a white shirt.Originally from Tehran, Iran, Edris Madadian has been working as a researcher and consultant in the energy and environmental engineering sector for nearly a decade. He obtained his PhD degree in Bioresource Engineering from McGill University with an emphasis on optimization of advanced biofuels production using thermochemical conversion pathways. In 2018, he was awarded the Isaak Wilton Killam Postdoctoral Scholarship by the Department of Process Engineering and Applied Science at Dalhousie University. His work focuses on renewable energy systems, sustainable engineering and controlled environments for use in a wide range of applications including agricultural, oil and gas, and automotive industries.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Edris applied for a prestigious scholarship at the University of Waterloo. He was selected as one of the inaugural recipients of the AMTD Global Talent Postdoctoral Fellowship. In 2020 he officially joined the UWaterloo community as an AMTD postdoctoral scholar.

During the lockdown, his laboratory at Waterloo got certified to operate under COVID precautions and he managed to make good progress with the experimental segment of his work. The objective of his project is to investigate thermal decomposition behaviour, volatile release characteristics, and the pyrolytic product composition of municipal sewage sludge containing pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs). The occurrence of emerging contaminants (like PPCPs) in water resources is of continued concern for public health and safety. Pharmaceutical compounds are designed to be biologically active and therefore may have effects on non-target organisms even at trace concentrations extant in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Because of these dangers, Edris believes that the results of this study might have a global impact in the management of environmental systems.

Edris has been participating in a variety of committees and associations locally and internationally to reinforce his leadership skills. He is currently the Chair of the Canadian Association of Postdoctoral Scholars (CAPS). In this role, he is leading a working group tackling CAPS’ advocacy, policy and special projects endeavours. Edris is also co-directing negotiation meetings with the Tri-Council funding agencies (NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC) to support the working experience of the Canadian postdoctoral scholars regionally, nationally and internationally.

In addition to his extensive academic accomplishments, Edris is also a professional Ping Pong player. He has been following Ping Pong professionally since he was seven years old, and managed to become champion of Tehran's Province (the Capital of Iran) where he was born. He believes that playing Ping Pong has helped him to develop better leadership skills, more confidence, and better team-working abilities.

University of Waterloo

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