Register to compete in the 3MT

Steps to be completed when you are ready to register for the 3MT
Step number What to do How it will help
1-6 Complete steps 1-6 to prepare to compete for the 3MT if you haven't already done so. Reviewing the 3MT pre-registration material will ensure that you know what to expect while competing in the 3MT.
7 Register to compete in the 3MT (webform) You must register to participate
8 Review the 3MT support and resources available to you There are many campus resources available to support you as you prepare for the 3MT.
8 Wait to hear from your faculty-heat co-ordinator Once the registration deadline has ended, your faculty-based heat co-ordinator will be in touch with details of your heat.
  Review the slide submission deadline Each faculty sets it's own deadline for slide submission, based on the date of the scheduled heat.
9 Upload your slide by the deadline Note your deadline and make sure to get your slide in on time. If you have questions or issues with upload, contact your faculty-heat co-ordinator.
10 Practice Practice in front of the mirror. Practice while you are waiting for the bus or taking a shower.
11 Invite your friends to attend the heat It always helps to have the support of your friends and family.
12 Practice some more Have a friend or family member record you. Study the video. Are you saying "um" to many times or shuffling your feet? Are there words or pronunciations that are getting lost? Now is the time to polish your presentation.
13 Compete! Good luck! You've got this! Consider wearing something business casual or formal to make a good impression. Show up in a timely manner, and bring a water bottle.  
14 If you are a heat winner, wait to hear from Katie  All student who compete it the 3MT deserve to be congratulated, whether you win your heat or not.  Good for you for participating!  If you are one of the lucky ones who is selected as a university-wide finalist, wait for further instruction from Katie Couto.  She will be in touch once all the faculty-based heats have ended.