Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) frequently asked questions

Do I submit my application to the University of Waterloo for review?

  • If you identified Waterloo as the “Institution Paid” (i.e., your host institution), then you must submit your application to ResearchNet by Waterloo’s set deadline (which will appear when you identify Waterloo as the host institution (“Institution Paid”). The Office of Research will then review your application for eligibility and compliance to guidelines, prior to submitting it to the national level competition on your behalf. If you wish a content review by the Office of Research, you must request it and provide the application at least two weeks in advance of the CIHR deadline.

Is there a quota of awards that Waterloo can submit forward?

  • No; all eligible applications get submitted.

Is an institutional signature on the Signature page required?

  • No; because the CIHR fellowship uses the e-submission process for applications, so an “ink” signature is not required. However, the signature of the host supervisor is required.

Is there somebody at Waterloo who can review my draft application and research proposal?

  • It is best to have your host supervisor review your application and research proposal as they are best suited to ensure your documents align with the proposed arrangements. If your application is submitted two weeks prior to the CIHR deadline, the Office of Research can provide a review of the content of the application. We also recommend having your colleagues review your materials to ensure completeness and appropriate writing style.

How do I know if my CIHR fellowship is successful?

  • Successful applicants will receive an offer of award through ResearchNet, along with instructions for accepting the fellowship. If successful, recipients must accept the award, providing a start date and institutional signature from Office of Research, within 15 days of the date of offer. 

If I am successful in receiving a CIHR Fellowship, how do I arrange payment?

  • CIHR fellowships are paid through the host institution. If your application is successful, an ‘authorization for funding’ document will be issued from CIHR to the Office of Research.  The Office of Research will contact you to finalize any conditions of the fellowship (e.g. requirement of research ethics approval, start date, etc.). Once finalized, the Work-order (funding account) will be provided to the Host Supervisor to arrange payment through payroll and the research allowance will be made available to you.

How do I ensure I receive communications from Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs?

  • Contact Human Resources to ensure they have your personal information, including contact information, on file.

Who can I contact in the Office of Research if I have more questions?

  • Christina Kroeker, Grants and Contract Manager, Funding Agencies and Non-Profit Sponsors