MA program

MA graduates from our department have pursued careers in business and law, politics, journalism, government service, teaching, museums and archives, to name only some of the general areas in which history graduates may be found.

Some MA students choose a graduate program in history for no other reason than that they enjoy the study of history and realize that it can enhance their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. For others, the Tri-University MA in history may also be seen as an opportunity to test their ability in a graduate program or to see if they have an interest in pursuing a Ph.D. degree, or perhaps through a Teaching Assistantship to sample the experience of participating in the teaching of university level courses. The Tri-University MA offers you the prospect of being part of an exciting program built on the strength of three of Ontario’s finest universities.

Students in the Tri-University program may complete the MA degree in several ways: by a combination of a Major Research Paper and coursework, by Thesis and coursework, or through coursework. We also offer full-time and part-time programs. Students generally take courses at all three campuses, though their Major Research Paper or Thesis supervisor will be from their home university. The MA program is designed to be completed in three terms (1 year) of full-time study, while some Thesis-stream students require an additional term.

The Tri-University Graduate Student Association (TUGSA) aims to bring all the students of the Tri-U History Program together for social activities and learning opportunities. TUGSA plans a number of student events throughout the year, working continuously to improve the student experience for graduate students.