Areas of specialization

Faculty research by geographic location


Faculty member Education Interests
Epp, Marlene Ph.D., Toronto Canada, Immigration, Women and Family, Mennonites
Hayes, Geoffrey Ph.D., Western Canadian Military, Modern Canada
Llewelyn, Kristina Ph.D., UBC

History of education, Oral history, Women’s history, History education

Milligan, Ian Ph.D., York
Canada, Digital, Youth, The 1960s
Muirhead, Bruce Ph.D., York Post Second World War Canadian Economic and Political History, History of the International Development Research Centre
Nicholas, Jane Ph.D., Waterloo

History of the body in Canada, Women's and gender history, Feminist pedagogy

Roberts, Julia Ph.D., Toronto Canadian Colonial Society
Roy, Susan Ph.D., UBC Canadian Indigenous History; Canadian Social and Cultural History
Taylor, Christopher Ph.D., Western Black Canadian history, Slavery in the Americas
Touhey, Ryan Ph.D., Waterloo Canadian Foreign Relations; Canadian Political History; the Cold War, Modern South Asia with a particular focus on India.


Faculty member Education Interests
Bednarski, Steven Ph.D. Université du Québec à Montréal Medieval History, Environmental History
Bruce, Gary Ph.D., McGill 20th Century German history
Gorman, Daniel Ph.D. McMaster British and Imperial History, International Relations, Global History
Kroeker, Greta

Ph.D., California, Berkeley

Early Modern Europe, Renaissance, Reformation, Erasmus
Osborne, Troy Ph.D., Minnesota Early Modern European Religious History, The Dutch Republic, and Anabaptist/Mennonite History
Peers, Douglas Ph.D., University of London (King's College)

British Empire, Britain since 1750

Statiev, Alex Ph.D., Calgary The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, Totalitarianism, Popular Resistance and Counterinsurgency, Russian/Soviet Military History; Nationalism and Ethnic Policies of Multinational States.


Faculty member Education Interests
Bruce-Lockhart, Katherine Ph.D. University of Cambridge

African History; Critical Archive Studies; Gender History; Histories of law, crime, punishment, and prisons; The politics of public memory, reconciliation, and reparations; Social History

Gorman, Daniel Ph.D. McMaster British and Imperial History
Hara, Kimie Ph.D., Australian National University Modern and Contemporary International Relations of the Asia-Pacific Region; Diplomatic History of Japan
Milligan, Ian Ph.D., York Internet and Web Histories
Muirhead, Bruce Ph.D., York
Peers, Douglas Ph.D., University of London (King's College)

India since 1700, Transnational/global history, Historiography

Roy, Susan Ph.D., UBC Global Indigenous rights
Taylor, Christopher Ph.D., Western Race and Racism, Caribbean history, The African and Black Diasporas, Black identity, Migration, Anti-racism, Diversity and Inclusion, Multiculturalism


Faculty member Education Interests
Epp, Marlene Ph.D., Toronto Immigration, Refugees, Food and Culture
Hunt, Andrew Ph.D., Utah American Popular Culture, Social and Political History
Sbardellati, John Ph.D., California, Santa Barbara

US History, Diplomatic, Political, Cultural