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Top 5 reasons students choose HistoryWhy study history?

A community without a sense of its own past is like a person suffering from amnesia. Without a sense of history, we cannot understand where our world has come from nor can we understand where it might be going. With the rapid pace at which the world is changing, it is even more important that we have a good sense of how we got to where we are.At a more practical level, the study of history also teaches us some important skills: to examine a problem or question critically, to consider it analytically, to draw an informed conclusion based upon that analysis and to effectively communicate that analysis and conclusion. It is these skills - critical thinking, analysis and effective communication - which employers are increasingly seeking.

The job opportunities for people with these skills are vast. Beyond the tried and true professions for history majors of teaching, the law, museums and archives, history students have gone on to employment in banking and other financial institutions, television production, polling agencies, private research consulting firms, the civil service (the Ministry of Immigration and the Ministry of Native Affairs, for example), international relief work, journalism, business, information technology, consulting, et cetera.

Our history courses are designed to appeal to student interests, while providing the rigour to develop skills for the workforce or further education.

Professor Gary Bruce talks about Arts and History


History students wearing their custom History sweatersWe want to help our students succeed and have fun too!

We offer a variety of History programs and exciting courses! If you need some academic advice, we recommend you take advantage of our advising servicesStudents can also participate in Waterloo's famous co-op program but please be aware of our co-op guidelines.

If you're looking for fun and friendship, the History student society is very active; they've been organizing the annual MacKinnon dinner since 1984!

If you're in need of some extra financial help, the Student Awards and Financial Aid Office is here to help, but there are also some special scholarships for history students.

If you're about to graduate, we have prepared all the extra information you need, including some words of experience from Professor Taylor:

Finally, we'd like to remind you about the importance of academic responsibility, integrity and other policies relevant to undergraduate students.