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Affiliated and federated institutions of waterloo (AFIW)

There are historians across every campus at the University of Waterloo.


SBSteven Bednarski
Professor, St. Jerome's University

Office: STJ 3010C
Phone: 519-888-4567 x28276

Research interests:

  • Medieval history
  • Social history
  • Criminal history
  • Gender history
  • Environmental history

Faculty profile

Marlene Epp ME
Professor, Conrad Grebel University College

Office: CGUC 2124
Phone: 519-885-0220 x24257

Research interests: 

  • Canada
  • Immigration
  • Women and family
  • Mennonites

Faculty profile 

Kimie Hara
Professor, Renison University College

Phone: 519-884-4404 x28660

Research interests: 

  • Modern and contemporary international relations of the Asia-Pacific region
  • Diplomatic history of Japan

Faculty profile

WLWhitney Lackenbauer
Professor, St. Jerome's University

Office: STJ. 3008
Phone: 519-888-4567 x28233

Research interests: 

  • Modern Canada
  • International relations
  • Native-newcomer relations

Faculty profile

TOTroy Osborne
Assistant Professor, 
Conrad Grebel University College

Office: CGUC 2114
Phone: 519-885-0220 x24260

Research interests:

  • Early modern European religious history
  • Dutch republic
  • Anabaptist/Mennonite history

Faculty profile

RTRyan Touhey  
Associate Professor, History Department Chair, St. Jerome's University

Office: STJ 3003
Phone: 519-888-4567 x28218

Research interests: 

  • Canadian foreign relations
  • Canadian political history
  • The Cold War
  • Modern South Asia, with a particular focus on India

Faculty profile

Jane Nicholas
Associate Professor, St. Jerome's University

Office: SH 2219
Phone: 519-888-4567 x28273

Research Interests:

  • Canada
  • Body history
  • Gender and Women's history
  • History and theory