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About History

The Department of History was established in the Faculty of Arts in 1960, with the first class graduating in 1964. Since that time, we have grown significantly in terms of faculty members, student enrolment, and alumni. 

Over the years, our faculty have been awarded for both research and teaching, including two University Research Chairs, a Canada Research Chair, six student-nominated Distinguished Teacher Awards, and numerous other prizes.

We celebrate our own departmental culture and traditions with events such as the MacKinnon Dinner. We also hosted the Historical Reflections journal between 1974 and 1989, which continues to be published today.

Our department works in close cooperation with the history faculty members at the University of Waterloo's affiliated university-colleges: St. Jerome'sConrad Grebel, and Renison. Each of these colleges is located on the main university campus, and each one is home to history professors who add to the depth and breadth of our programs. Several of our faculty members participate in the Global Governance programs offered in conjunction with the Balsillie School of International Affairs.

We are also proud to participate, along with the University of Guelph and Wilfrid Laurier University, as one part of the Tri-University Graduate History Program. With our combined resources, we have become one of the largest History Graduate Programs in Canada.

Internationally, our department is also a participant in the Sino-Canadian College which allows history students to work towards their degree at both the School of History at Nanjing University and here in Waterloo.

Several of our faculty members participate in the Global Governance programs offered in conjunction with the Balsillie School of International AffairsWe also maintain strong connections with the Ontario Women's History Network and the ​Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism.

2013 Graduate Student Travel Grant Winner - Matthew Stubbings

In June 2013, I travelled to the United Kingdom as part of my ongoing PhD dissertation project on the  British Conservative viewpoint on British imperialism in India during the latter half of the nineteenth century. 

Read more about Matthew's research.

Matt Stubbings at British Library