Welcome to our undergraduate course schedule in the department of History. Course offerings for Winter 2021 are listed below. The "quick links" section can guide you toward course times, course descriptions, and enrolment via Quest.

Please note that all of our Winter courses will be taught remotely. Instructors have adapted traditional in person courses to remote teaching and learning using online platforms.

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Winter 2021 History Course Offerings:

Course Code Title Instructor
HIST 103 Canadian History Through Biography Matthew Wiseman
HIST 109 Ten Days That Shook the World Dylan Cyr
HIST 111 A History of the Western World II David Neufeld
HIST 113 Canadian Business History: Innovators and Entrepreneurs Catherine Briggs
HIST 203 Treasures of the Archives: Methods of Applied History Joanna Pearce
HIST 205 History of Western Sport Christopher Taylor
HIST 207 The Beatles and the Sixties Andrew Hunt
HIST 216 From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: A (Long) History of the Internet Ian Milligan
HIST 223 The Holocaust in History Alan Maricic
HIST 235 History of Christianity David Perrin
HIST 236 Law and Society in the Middle Ages Dan Hutter
HIST 242 Greek History Altay Coskun
HIST 254 Canada Since 1867: A New Nation Catherine Briggs
HIST 260 Europe: 410-1303 Eduardo Fabbro
HIST 263 The Age of Revolution: Europe in the 19th Century Katherine Bruce-Lockhart
HIST 268 A Global History of Empires Dan Gorman
HIST 304 Heresy and Religious Crises in Late Medieval Europe Nicholas Must
HIST 309 The Discourse of Dissent Frankie Condon
HIST 311 International Relations, 1890-1951 Shahram Kholdi
HIST 312 The First World War Preston Arens
HIST 314 The American Civil Rights Movement Dylan Cyr
HIST 370 Bond, Bowie, and Brexit: Britain from 1945 to the New Millennium Dan Gorman
HIST 391 041 Special Topics in History: The Prison: A Global History Katherine Bruce-Lockhart
HIST 391 042 Special Topics in History: History of Latin America David Neufeld
HIST 422 041 Special Topics in History: Microhistory & Storytelling Steven Bednarski
HIST 422 042 Special Topics in History: Canadian & Global History through Literature Susan Roy
HIST 422 043 Special Topics in History: U.S. Cold War Culture, 1945-1962 Andrew Hunt

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