Welcome to our undergraduate course schedule in the department of History. The current term's offerings are listed below, and the "quick links" section can guide you toward course times, course descriptions, and enrolment via Quest. 

Quick Links

Course Code Title Instructor
HIST 109 Ten Days That Shook the World Julia Roberts
HIST 111 History of Western World II Troy Osborne
HIST 113 Canadian Business History Catherine Briggs
HIST 200 History and Film David Schweitzer
HIST 209 Canadian Medical History Heather MacDougall
HIST 212 The Computing Society Scott Campbell
HIST 223 The Holocaust in History Gary Bruce
HIST 226 Canada in World War II Geoffrey Hayes
HIST 227 French Revolution and Napoleonic Europe Lynne Taylor
HIST 232 A History of Peace Movements Matthew Bailey-Dick
HIST 235 History of Christianity David Perrin
HIST 236 Law & Society in Middle Ages Daniel Hutter
HIST 252 Roman History Ronald Kroeker
HIST 254 Canada Since 1867: a New Nation Catherine Briggs
HIST 256 Murder in Canadian History Catherine Briggs
HIST 260 Europe: 410-1303 Daniel Hutter
HIST 275 The Modern World in Historical Perspective Dylan Cyr
HIST 289 JFK: Decision-Maker Behind Myth James Blight
HIST 291 Xians, Muslims, Jews 1000-1500 (Special Topics in History, 200-level) Jolanta Komornicka
HIST 291 Game of Thrones (Special Topics in History, 200-level) Jolanta Komornicka
HIST 291 Canadian Popular Culture (Special Topics in History, 200-level) Jane Nicholas
HIST 303 History Gone Digital: An Introduction to History with the Web Ryan Deschamps
HIST 311 

International Relations 1890 to 1951

Shahram Koldi
HIST 314 American Civil Rights Movement Dylan Cyr
HIST 318 Modern History of Sexuality Jane Nicholas
HIST 341 The Nazi Occupation of Europe Lynne Taylor
HIST 347 Witches, Wives, and Whores Christina Moss
HIST 348 The Radical Reformation Christina Moss
HIST 350 Canada and the Americas Thirstan Falconer
HIST 369 Politics of Decolonization Daniel Gorman
HIST 388 Modern Canada Thirstan Falconer
HIST 421 The Black Atlantic (Special Topics in History, lecture) Christopher Taylor
HIST 422 True Crimes (Special Topics in History, seminar) Jolanta Komornicka
HIST 422 For Better or for Worse: PET’s Canada (Special Topics in History, seminar) Thirstan Falconer
HIST 422 Germany in the 20th Century (Special Topics in History, seminar) Gary Bruce