Welcome to our undergraduate course schedule in the department of History. Course offerings for Winter 2023 are listed below. The "quick links" section can guide you toward course times, course descriptions, and enrolment via Quest.

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Winter 2023 History Course Offerings:

Course Code Title Instructor
HIST 101 Modern Global History Dan Gorman
HIST 113 Canadian Business History Catherine Briggs
HIST 200 History & Film Joseph Buscemi
HIST 207 The Beatles & the Sixties Andrew Hunt
HIST 209 Canadian Medical History Matthew Wiseman
HIST 216 Long History of the Internet Joseph Buscemi

HIST 239

History of Modern China: 1911-Present Daria Ho
HIST 253 Canada: Cultures & Conflicts Julia Roberts
HIST 258 US: Since the Civil War Era Matthew Wiseman
HIST 268 A Global History of Empires Preston Arens
HIST 311 International Relations: 1890-1951 Shahram Kholdi
HIST 347 Witches, Wives & Whores Greta Kroeker
HIST 358 Nazi Germany Gary Bruce
HIST 369 Politics of Decolonization Preston Arens
HIST 391 001 The Samurai Daria Ho
HIST 421 Collecting Indigenous Cultures Talena Atfield
HIST 422 001 German History Through Memoir Gary Bruce
HIST 422 002 World War II in the Global Perspective Dylan Cyr

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