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Welcome to our undergraduate course schedule in the department of History. The current term's offerings are listed below, and the "quick links" section can guide you toward course times, course descriptions, and enrolment via Quest. 

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Fall 2018

Code Title Instructor
HIST 102 War & Society in Europe, 1914-45 Lynne Taylor
HIST 103 Canada Through Biography Thirstan Falconer
HIST 105 Rock 'n' Roll and US History Andrew Hunt
HIST 110 History of the Western World I Christina Moss
HIST 113 Canadian Business History Catherine Briggs
HIST 115 Crusading in the Middle Ages TBD
HIST 200 History & Film: Hollywood's Cold War John Sbardellati
HIST 203 Methods of Applied History Andrew Moore
HIST 210 History of Ancient Law Daniel Hutter
HIST 216 Long History of the Internet Ian Milligan
HIST 221 Racism in Canadian History James Walker
HIST 224 Food, Culture and History Jodey Nurse
HIST 225 History of Education in Canada Kristina Llewellyn
HIST 230 Introduction to Middle East Shahram Kholdi
HIST 242 Greek History Sheila Ager
HIST 250 Intro to Historical Thinking Geoffrey Hayes
HIST 253 Canada: Cultures and Conflicts Catherine Briggs
HIST 257 America:  Slavery to Civil War Dylan Cyr
HIST 268 A Global History of Empires Daniel Gorman
HIST 291 Topic: Animals in Western History Gary Bruce
HIST 304 Heresy: Late Medieval Europe Jolanta Komornicka
HIST 309 The Discourse of Dissent Frances Condon
HIST 316 The Russian Revolution

Alex Statiev

HIST 356 Russia: From Tsars to Putin Alex Statiev
HIST 358 Nazi Germany Gary Bruce
HIST 379 Reformation History Troy Osborne
HIST 389 Canada in World Affairs Thirstan Falconer
HIST 391 Topic: The Black Death Jolanta Komornicka
HIST 421 Topic: International Human Rights James Walker
HIST 422 Topic 1: Drink and Drinkers in History Julia Roberts
HIST 422 Topic 2: Protest Movements-Modern America Andrew Hunt
HIST 450 The History Capstone Susan Roy