Welcome to our undergraduate course schedule in the department of History. Course offerings for Fall 2020 are listed below. The "quick links" section can guide you toward course times, course descriptions, and enrolment via Quest.

Please note that all of our Fall courses will be taught remotely. Instructors have adapted traditional in person courses to remote teaching and learning using online platforms.

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Fall 2020 History Course Offerings:

Course Code Title Instructor
HIST 103 Canadian History Through Biography Jane Nicholas
HIST 105 Rock 'n' Roll and US History Andrew Hunt
HIST 110 A History of the Western World I David Neufeld
HIST 113 Canadian Business History: Innovators and Entrepreneurs TBD
HIST 115 Crusading in the Middle Ages TBD
HIST 200 History and Film David Schweitzer
HIST 210 History of Ancient Law TBD
HIST 230 Introduction to the Modern Middle East Shahram Kholdi
HIST 232 A History of Peace Movements Marlene Epp
HIST 250 What is History? An Introduction to Historical Thinking Dylan Cyr
HIST 253 Canada: Cultures and Conflicts in the Colonial Era Catherine Briggs
HIST 256 Murder in Canadian History TBD
HIST 258 The United States since the Civil War Era John Sbardellati
HIST 262 Early Modern Europe 1450-1700 Troy Osborne
HIST 275 The Modern World in Historical Perspective Dylan Cyr
HIST 316 The Russian Revolution Alex Statiev
HIST 347 Witches, Wives, and Whores Greta Kroeker
HIST 350 Canada and the Americas Ryan Touhey
HIST 356 Russia: From Tsars to Putin Alex Statiev
HIST 358 Nazi Germany Gary Bruce
HIST 369 The Politics of Decolonization Dan Gorman
HIST 379 Reformation History David Neufeld
HIST 422 001 Special Topics in History: Secret History: Inside the FBI John Sbardellati
HIST 422 002 Special Topics in History: Sex and Gender in Early Modern Europe Greta Kroeker
HIST 422 003 Special Topics in History: 20th Century German History through Memoirs Gary Bruce
HIST 422 004 Special Topics in History: The Freak Show Jane Nicholas
HIST 450 The History Capstone Ryan Touhey