Welcome to our undergraduate course schedule in the department of History. Course offerings for Fall 2023 are listed below. The "quick links" section can guide you toward course times, course descriptions, and enrolment via Quest.

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Fall 2023 History Course Offerings:

Course Code Title
HIST 101 Modern Global History
HIST 103 Canadian History Through Biography
HIST 110 A History of the Western World 1
HIST 113 Canadian Business History
HIST 200 History and Film
HIST 205 History of Western Sport
HIST 210 History of Ancient Law
HIST 216 A Long History of the Internet
HIST 223 The Holocaust in History
HIST 232 A History of Peace Movements
HIST 239 History of Modern China. 1911 to the Present
HIST 242 Greek History
HIST 250 An Introduction to Historical Thinking
HIST 253 Canada: Cultures and Conflicts in the Colonial Era
HIST 258 The United States Since the Civil War Era
HIST 260 Medieval Europe c.300-c.1500
HIST 262 Early Modern Europe 1450-1700
HIST 275 The Modern World in Historical Perspective
HIST 277 Canadian Legal History
HIST 312 The First World War
HIST 315 U.S. and the World
HIST 348 The Radical Reformation
HIST 350 Canada and the Americas
HIST 356 Russia: From Tsars to Putin
HIST 422 001 Cold War: Culture and Politics
HIST 422 002 The Freak Show
HIST 422 003 Collecting Indigenous Cultures
HIST 422 004 Canada at War