History PhD Candidate Awarded for Excellence in Teaching

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Rebecca MacAlpine
Congratulations to Rebecca MacAlpine, PhD Candidate in History, for earning an Arts Award for Excellence in Teaching! Rebecca is a dedicated, disciplined, and thoughtful student, and she brings those same characteristics to her roles as TA, instructor, and most recently departmental TA Mentor and Coordinator. Also a certified teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers, Rebecca is innovative in her approaches to teaching and always excited to find new and effective ways to engage students and play to their strengths.

As the department's TA Mentor and Coordinator, she says "I felt [it] was most important [to] build a community of practice amongst emerging Teaching Assistants in the department. Through this type of strategy, we can build confidence and competence amongst new teaching assistants to better support their assessment and teaching practices. In building a community that encourages students to discuss pedagogy and education in a constructive and growth-oriented framework, we build connections with peers and the broader departmental community, as well as support Teaching Assistants in their exploration of various approaches to the presentation of historical discourse through an engagement with research in pedagogy and history education."